March 24, 2023

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Icardi and Juventus, Belen, Maradona, Keita Balde and …

Wanda Nara She was the main host of the first prime-time episode of “monstersprogram he hosts Francesca Fanani On Rai 2. Mauro Icardi’s wife Freewheeling spoke about all the gossip surrounding the couple, but also about their many footballing backgrounds.

Belen, Maradona, China Suarez, Keita Balde and Icardi

Belen hasn’t done anything in Argentina, where I’ve been working since I was very young. I’m more famous thereThe Wanda Nara interview begins with this Rodriguez-like digression, who then adds: “I started out as a nanny, I was so good and all mothers wanted me. I believe that whatever I have ever done in my life I would have been successful. I am a free woman: those who love me love me for that, especially women. Those who hate me hate me for the same reason“. A night of love with Maradona?I have never been with him. It’s true that I ended up in this house, at this party … I understood that this thing made me famous. I’ve never been able to talk to him about it.” How are you doing with icardi? He is my husband, we are together, we have always been a family. He’s been with me practically my whole life. For me it’s lucky, for him I don’t know. We hope to be together for life. Mauro fell in love with me normal, in my pajamas while making butter and Parmesan pasta, not at a disco.“. Dispute over China Suarez?I don’t believe anyone, I don’t know what happened. In such a long history, this little fact is not the main point of our story. I got angry and posted posts? Yes, but I’m used to it too. Icardi is handsome, young and a natural to be treated. It bothers me that the person who was in a relationship with me did this“. And what about the smells that would stop him? “No, I don’t think it’s true, just gossip. If I go with Mauro, she’ll take a bath. The bag Mauro gave me to get me back is my second love, I’m holding it and I’m about to sleep in it.” Keita Baldi? I don’t know what happened, because this cuckold thing wrote. Mauro is a very direct person. Did Keita’s wife write “Waka”? I understand that women would rather be angry at other women than at their husbands. Maybe one day I will explain it in private.”

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