The sting comes on the savers

The sting comes on the savers

Even current accounts do not stay afloat. High inflation and an uncertain macroeconomic scenario raise costs.

It is not an easy time for savers. The international scenario keeps markets jittery, precluding the development of a long-term perspective. or even medium.

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And if investments are affected, things will not be better on the deposit side. And also because in this case it is the period of inflation that has its weight, which is not equivalent to a savings strategy or an investment strategy. The problem is that the deflation period Can directly relate to current accounts, at a historical moment when the requirement of contracts with credit institutions could have hidden the oil stain from commissions. A kind of astral pairing unfavorable to savers, who can be exposed to the direct effects of profitability under pressure due to the current economic situation. Parallel sectors, such as mortgages, also ended up feeling the effects of the crisis.

But with regard to current accounts, the situation is certainly urgent. Suffice it to say that some banking groups, such as CheBanca, have discovered their own negative interest rates applied by the European Central Bank. Which forced the upper management to do so Quick remedial actionResulting in doubling the costs of managing bank accounts. The only changes concern one relationship, but for the rest, they will be there and will also be significant, since other credit institutions also had to review the tariff settings for checking accounts.

Checking accounts, here’s the sting: How costs increase from bank to bank

To follow the picture of the (alarming) situation is Altroconsumo, which in the motives put forward by the banks identified an insufficient reason to raise the price bar. The truth is that lenders have cited negative rates as the cornerstone of increasing base costs. To tell the truth, at the beginning of the year things took a turn far from being good: As 2022 enters, the prevalence is increasing. They also affected checking accounts, especially with regard to retirees, affected by an average increase of 13% on online accounts. which, in theory, Should involve lower costs. For those dealing with the counter, the increase was 5%. It was no better for families whose dose of price increases were marked by +12% on online accounts and +2% on traditional accounts.

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They saved, but only momentarily, the youth. For them there is still a decrease (about 5%), even if the overall picture does not encourage optimistic opinions. The Chi Banka example is indicative but not the only one. A major credit institution like Unicredit, for one thing, has raised MyGenius account costs by 33%, while Fineco may soon apply The frightening collapse of stocks exceeding 100,000 euros. Basically, the costs from stagnant funds will not amortize with increases in checking accounts but will use the shear on stagnant accounts. Moreover, for savers, it will also be necessary to pay attention to the payment systems of the PagoPa platform, which are almost mandatory for public administration. The cost of operations is about 1.56 euros. Anything but savings.

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