Documents with proposals for cultivation

Documents with proposals for cultivation

A stronger, more productive and sustainable Italian primary sector with measures to be taken in the short, medium and long term

We publish in full form documents with proposals submitted to Parliament during Hearing at the Chamber’s Agriculture Committee By members of the Scientific Technical Committee of Edagricole and representatives ofItalian Association of Agricultural Scientific Societies (Issa) to face the cost crisis (fuel, energy, fertilizer) and supplies of agricultural raw materials (corn, sunflower, soybean, wheat) resulting from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

But, in addition to dealing with the emergency, the purpose of the proposals is also to make Italian agriculture more productive and sustainable. Experts divided the procedures into groups, according to urgency. Some must be implemented immediately, others in the medium to long term. Through this work, it is the first time that the National Society for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences has presented itself to institutions in such a coherent form.

A working group that embraces all agricultural knowledge

The document is based on three keywords: analysis, method and future, and was written by the working group of the Edagricole Scientific-Technical Committee and representatives of the Italian agricultural scientific societies: Giovanni Bittante, Marina Carcea, Leonardo Casini, Luigi Catalano, Luigi Catevelli, Claudio Ciafata, Marcello Donatelli Giuseppe Elias, Antonio Ferrante, Ignazio Flores, Marco Marchetti, Alessandro Olber, Michele Perniola, Michele Bisanti (coordinator), Giuseppe Paulina, Amedeo Renieri Mogneri di Lagnozarco, Luigiasco Paolo Taroli, Massimo Tagliavini, Francesco Viduto.

The document is supplemented by some supply chain papers, agreed with specific stakeholders, as detailed examples of sector-specific interventions, with a commitment to prepare other missing items, after being shared with sector representatives in the coming weeks.

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