June 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Vlahovic and Keiza are only there for the money.

Florencehead of the Florentine Rocco Comiso This morning he spoke to the University of Florence students at a meeting, and again, there was no shortage of barbs in the Juventus. Viola No. 1 first addressed the sensitive issue of building a new stadium by announcing: “Mediacom Easier to manage than Fiorentina. Football is more complicated from my point of view, you need results. If you don’t win matches, they want to kick me out. stadium? I have never met a mayor in America, and nothing is done here without them. I wanted to play on the field 4 years ago with Casamonte. If they let me do it, Florence will now have a new stadium. In four years it spent 420 million euros. Salvini And Renzi? In America, public funds are often used for stadiums. In Italy we have the oldest stadiums in Europe. We’ve seen beautiful stadiums outside of Italy. The stadium for me is not a memorial. It never happens here, but in America there are those who would change their country if they did not allow them to build a stadium“.