Galli shouts at Salvini in the stadium. The North Union responds with kisses

Galli shouts at Salvini in the stadium.  The North Union responds with kisses

sparks between Matteo Salvini NS Ghali At the San Siro stadium in Milan, where the derby match between Milan and Inter took place last night. The two found themselves in the VIP stands and after Milan’s equalizer. It is difficult to understand what the two said, however, the reasons for football must be ruled out as they are both fans of the Rossoneri. The rapper was going to provoke the brawl, which from videos circulating online appears to be criticizing the league leader as he celebrates his goal.

The protests between Galli and Matteo Salvini are very old, and this is also evidenced by the music of the rapper, who in one of his words attacked the leader of Carroccio, while also referring to football and the other faith. “Salvini says that whoever arrives in the rubber boat cannot surviveGhali says in a song called Fossie Pop, a song created by Stormzy and then released in a modified version with the script of an Italian rapper of Tunisian origin. In the same song, the rapper added:In the Milan match I was in the stands with people. he was there fascist politician Who smells the environment. The help team is practically at home. Perhaps his son was also a fan, and he was watching me in the meantimeIt was 2019 and Matteo Salvini decided to respond to these statements with a tweet shared on social media:He insults me but I don’t mind his music, is it serious?????“.

Ghali also in an interview with Republic, reiterated his opposition to the political figure of Matteo Salvini: “My music tells my story, and rap, born as social denunciation and has always been my daily bread, was the best way to satisfy my need to take a stand for those who exploit fear to create the enemy“.

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And all this leads us to the San Siro stadium. Galli’s reaction would make sense, in football, if one was an Inter player and the other a Milan player. As you know, inside the stadium are a few words that many fans can fly. But what infuriated Ghali is so mysterious that he recoiled in a fit of anger. Salvini, in response, in front of the rapper’s broken reaction was limited to sending him big kisses. He might then find out that there were differences of opinion between the two about the schemes, or perhaps Galli didn’t like Salvini’s jubilation. Or maybe we all misunderstood and that was Ghali’s way of cheering for Milan’s goal. Everything happens under the eyes of astonishment Paolo Maldini Who, like the others, does not understand what is happening and calls the volunteers to be reassured.

The association revealed in the morning the background with the remark: “The leader of the league was in the stands with his son, and immediately after the tie the rapper approached him in an apparent frenzy. Ghali echoed a series of insults and polite accusations aboutimmigration – tries to Take a picture of yourself with his cell phone – and was immediately disconnected, much to the bewilderment of other onlookers. The Rossoneri apologized to Salvini, who at that time did not recognize Galli and did not understand the reasons for his change.“.

Website note Dagosbya Try to reconstruct what happened:I was sitting behind Ghali. At our goal, he jumped for joy and almost immediately shouted at Salvini (5 meters to his right): ‘JokerWhat the damned rejoice? nigga record. A nigger like me, like many and like many whom you kill at sea! You are embarrassed!’ (Not literal, but meaning and content are)“.

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In Dagospia we read again: “Salvini remained silent and sat down, and the slander lasted about a minute. Someone in the stands tried to defend Salvini, but little and in a confined manner; Others shouted “Day Gali.” Then came a file safety From the pitch to try to cut back on the story (not easy, Galli was really pissed off) and then even Maldini came over to talk to him to try and calm him down. Therefore, immediately after the break, a large group of policemen appeared and Ghali did not return to his post.“.

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