“We are in a dream, you are in a nightmare.” Social controversy

“We are in a dream, you are in a nightmare.” Social controversy

I continue world Cup in QatarI have now reached the round of 16, but finally come back to concrete talk about Naples. Blues music Lucian Spalletti They actually arrived turkey For the training camp in Antalya, where they will face Crystal Palace in a friendly match, before the scheduled tournament resumes January 4, 2023.

In these hours, however, the case Juventus He is now at the center of public opinion. In this regard, a comment comes Charles Alvino Who did not miss an opportunity to say his word on the matter, and made a social and repeated strike Maximum Zambini.

Critical Alvino on social media, Zampini is inappropriate

It all stems from a controversial tweet by Alvino He appeared on the journalist’s social pages. “At Rai Due, they called Zazzaroni and Magini to talk about the Juventus issue… not even in North Korea!“, words Alvino that aroused anger Zambinia character with a strong belief in black and white.

Zambini vs. Alvino, the debate is very popular on social media

Zambini’s answer:”Brother, after your constant interventions on Rai Sport and Radio 100 from Auriemma, De Maggio and many others in which you have spoken again and again about the third shield, do you mind now if we say a couple of little things?“.

Alvino replied:It is better for us to say a dream than to live a nightmare…“.

Carlo Alvino

Finally, the epilogue excavates Zambeni:”I have great respect for your dream and am willing to give you credit whether you win, debate it or not. Rest assured that you will not find me complaining about the refereeing errors that occurred the night before after I had my team down 3-0. Neapolitan lives for Spalletti and goes down low with this humble side dish!“.

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