May 1st concert 2023, Lazaa sings with the audience in the rain. Ligabue lights up the square with “salt of the earth”

May 1st concert 2023, Lazaa sings with the audience in the rain.  Ligabue lights up the square with “salt of the earth”

Lazaa sings with the audience in the rain

“Since you’ve been under water all day, now I take water with you. And let’s sing together.” Lazza, having sung on the notes of Panico and Uscito di galerap Protected from the stage, chose to reach the audience to sing Cenere the success that brought him second place at the Sanremo Festival.

Mr. Ren remembers the murdered psychiatrist

The concert in Rome recalls Barbara Capofani, a psychiatrist who was murdered in recent days in Pisa by one of her patients. His picture appeared on the big screens just before Mr. Wren’s performance with Chernobyl Flowers.

Ligabue: The oldest drug powerhouse in the world

Ten years ago, I wrote an article about the effects of the oldest drug in the world. The oldest drug in the world is not a chemical, it is a psychotropic and it is the desire for power. In general, those who have it more often than others, like almost any drug addict, are capable of anything so as not to get into withdrawal symptoms ». Ligabue returns to the May Day concert in Rome after 17 years and surprises with the anticipation of his performances – Il sale della Terra and Screaming against the sky – with a brief introduction of a thirst for power. “In the face of overdoses of a certain power, which it can be able to exploit, another power is needed—rock persistence—and that is to make your voice heard and not allow anyone, for example, to try to undo your history and rewrite it as they like, not to allow To anyone by attempting to take away your right to love, of course, always in a consensual way, but to love whomever you love, however you will, as much as you will, and start whatever family you love and may possibly be able to support with a decent wage.This is an essay on the toxicity of that power which even those who have it wear »

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Levante: Interruption allowance for music players

“I ask the government to implement a severance pay for music workers.” The appeal was forcefully launched by Levante, from the May Day gala podium, from Piazza San Giovanni in Rome. We are here to talk about rights. Give a round of applause to the technicians who work here.”

Amber: Take back the vowels, and give us back the 20% salary.

Lawyer, engineer, architect. All these vowels at the bottom of the words are, will they be weapons of mass distraction? It makes us lose sight of the facts and the facts are that one in five women do not work after having a child, who earns one-fifth less than a man in the same situation. Didn’t the Constitution already stipulate in 1949 that women should have the same rights as men in Article. 36? ». Ambra, from the platform of the May Day party in Rome, where it came back to rain continuously, points the finger at the inequality of the sexes. “What do we do with the words? – the presenter urges, – I want to propose an exchange: take back the vowels at the end of the words, but give us back the 20% salary. Pay wages and enable women to work. Equal means to be equal, ending in e ».

Umbrella rug at San Giovanni

A carpet of colorful umbrellas in pink, light blue and green capes. The rain did not discourage the thousands of young people who have already arrived in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome and will continue to arrive there in the next few hours to attend the traditional May Day party, promoted by the trade unions and dedicated this year to the Constitution, which celebrates its seventy-fifth birthday. Host Ambra for the sixth year in a row and Fabrizio Biggio. Among the most anticipated artists there are Ligabue, Emma, ​​Lazza, Francesco Gabbani, Baustelle and Matteo Paolillo fresh from the success of Mare Fuori, Levante, Ariete, Mr. Rain, Tananai, Coma_Cose and Piero Pelù with Alborosie and Mara Sattei, Rocco Hunt.

The orchestra begins the ceremony with the hymn and Bella Ciao

L’Orchestraccia officially began the live broadcast of the concertone on May 1 from Piazza San Giovanni in Rome with first a revised version of the Italian anthem and then with the ever-present Bella Ciao. The troupe of artists, led by Marco Conedi, was the first to take up the initiative launched by Ambra Angiolini from the stage directly to the children in the square to help modernize the Constitution, to which the trade unions have chosen to dedicate this edition. for the event, with the hashtag #ildirittochemimanca. The orchestra requires that artists be seen as participating in culture rather than entertainment.

Ambra mentions Article 4 of the Constitution

The concert kicks off on May Day in Rome with the memory of Lorenzo Barelli, the 18-year-old who died in January 2022 while taking turns doing schoolwork. Ambra remembers him animatedly, quoting Article 4 of the Italian Constitution. Lorenzo dies in the first syllable of the word future, because he will never have a job, he dies during school hours and not even the Constitution expected it. Pay with your life, without being paid by anyone. We are at this point to give you something important: Lorenzo paper, take care of it ».

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Ambra opens Concertone in memory of Lorenzo Parelli. His parents are on stage

Ambra opens the live video of the concertone with a memory of Lorenzo Barelli, who died during a project of alternating schoolwork: his parents on stage.

The stage fills up at 2 pm

The first to take the stage at 2pm were Leo Gassman, Eside, Savannah Funk, Camila Maglie and Wipro, before the live video began.

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