Spotorno – an aperitif with knowledge

Spotorno – an aperitif with knowledge

Appetizing with knowledge
Blue planet

November 7, 2023, at 6.00 pm

Spotorno, Tourist House, Via Aurelia 42 (Central Gardens)

Through photographs, films and stories, Simone Bava, marine biologist at the Genoa Marine Center – Stazione Zoologia Anton Dhorn, and professional diver Paolo Capocchiati, will lead the audience on a fascinating journey between wild nature and human impact.

We will talk about the exceptional biodiversity of fish found on the seabed of the island bay and the marine protected area of ​​Bergeggi Island, which recently witnessed the 42nd Italian Underwater Photography Safari Championships, small-scale artisanal fishing, and the impact caused by marine litter.

Films produced by Paolo and Cosimo Capocchiati.

We thank the Marine Protected Area of ​​Birgigi Island and the FIPSAS Department for their cooperation. Underwater Activities – Underwater photo safaris.

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Aperitif with special tasting by Chef Giorgio Baracco

Participation is free.
Reservations are necessary and the number of places is limited.

Speakers include Gian Luca Giudice, Councilor of the Municipality of Spotorno responsible for environmental education and Lorenzo Genta, Delegate of the Marine Ecosystem: “The initiative, aimed at citizens, represents the conclusion of a complex path developed as part of the campaign “Let’s clean up the marine environment” world. In fact, it comes “This is after two wonderfully oriented appointments to the Comprehensive Institute, one for manual beach cleaning activities in the Serra area of ​​Spotorno and the educational one that took place in the Monticello park. We therefore wanted to involve different objectives to convey virtuous messages to the entire community, from pupils to adults.”

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The event is organized by the Riviera del Pigua Center for Environmental Education with the Municipality of Spotorno, as part of the Clean Up the World initiatives.
CEA Riviera del Beigua is managed by Progetto Città Cooperativa Sociale.

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