The problem was solved using the video signal of the Crew Dragon Endeavor, aboard the first four space “tourists”

The problem was solved using the video signal of the Crew Dragon Endeavor, aboard the first four space “tourists”

A little suspense on board Crew Dragon Endeavor from the Axiom-1 mission. The problem of the first space tourist was solved within minutes. 20 meters from the space station there was Video signal problem This allows the space station to see the central portion of the shuttle and thus follow every aspect of the docking maneuver. All the other systems on board the Crew Dragon, which made it known to NASA, are up and running regularly. The problem has been resolved and the mooring maneuver has been completed. The maneuver completed shortly after. However, the shuttle had fuel to stay in this position for two hours. On board is Commander Michael Lopez Allegria, a former NASA astronaut, along with Larry Connor, Canadian Mark Pathy and Israeli Eitan Stipe.

Yesterday began the first fully private manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Managed by Axiom Corporation in Texas in association with NASAdeparted from Cape Canaveral with her four passengers aboard the Crew Dragon ‘Endeavour’ shuttle, powered by Falcon 9 . rocket from SpaceX. The launch took place from the historic platform 39A, not far from the slope on which the Artemis mission vehicle is waiting to resume testing on Earth: not since 2009 have two launchers been close together at the US space base.

He proudly claimed it was “the rebirth of man’s journey into space.” Kathy Luders, Head of the Space Operations Directorate at NASA. Ten years ago, when the US space agency launched Commercial Crew Program (The commercial flight program aims to make it easier for people to get into crew transportation), “We imagined private companies serving Low Earth Orbit. And now here we are — we added Lueders on Twitter — with the renaissance of human flight in space perfectly illustrated with the special Ax-1 mission!” The same enthusiasm also for the head of NASA Bill Nelsonwho commented: “What a historic launch!”.

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The Axiom 1 mission will mark the sixth test launch of the SpaceX capsule dragon crew The second full commercial flight into orbit after last September’s Inspiration4 mission, and the first full commercial visit to the space station. In fact, 11 “space tourists” have visited the International Space Station in the past two decades, as part of commercial agreements withRussian space agency (Roscosmos), they were all accompanied by professional astronauts. “This is likely to be the first of hundreds of missions to come in the coming decades,” he comments. Mike SuffrediniCEO of Axiom Corporation, “We will be busy building our commercial space station and providing services in low Earth orbit.”

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