October 4, 2022

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China: Space Science Event at the Beijing Museum – From China

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.

(ANSA-XINHUA) – BEIJING, April 09 – The China Science and Technology Museum has launched a series of activities to spread space science on the occasion of China’s Space Day, scheduled for April 24.

The event, which will run throughout April, aims to provide the public with a comprehensive and multi-sensory experience in space science, including exhibits, science lectures, science courses, and special effects films.

The museum also announced that the return capsule Shenzhou-1 will be on display at the event.

Experts and scientists will be invited to give lectures on popular science, interpretation of space research and various applications of related scientific disciplines.

The public will also be able to learn about China’s achievements in space exploration through online astronomy lessons. (Ansa Shinhwa).

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.