“If you close the doors, there will be consequences” – Corriere.it

“If you close the doors, there will be consequences” – Corriere.it

Emirati diplomat warns Strasbourg gathering: ‘negative impact’ on relations and global gas supplies if you block access to our representatives

Qatargate, after the tightening announced in Strasbourg, Doha’s threats are coming. A Qatari diplomat warned on Sunday that measures taken by the European Parliament against Qatar could have a “negative impact” on relations with the Gulf emirate and global gas supplies.

The warning comes after Thursday in Strasbourg MEPs voted almost unanimously on a text «They urge the suspension of access permits for representatives of Qatari interests»During the “money for influence” investigations, the largest corruption scandal in the history of the federation. The decision rests with the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, who, when asked if she intends to ban representatives of Qatar or other government officials implicated in the scandal from Parliament, said: “This is one of the questions I will immediately ask the Conference of Presidents,” referring to the highest governing body. in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Doha warned: “The decision to impose such a discriminatory restriction on Qatar, limiting dialogue and cooperation before the judicial process ends, The diplomat stressed today that it will have a negative impact on regional and global security cooperation, as well as the ongoing discussions about global energy scarcity and security.

Qatar has denied any wrongdoing in connection with the ongoing investigation. MEPs talked about how they got free travel and World Cup tickets to visit the Gulf state, which has sought to neutralize criticism of its treatment of migrant workers. Mitsola said she was also invited to the World Cup, but “I refused because I had concerns about this country.”
He warned, “The enemies of democracy, to whom the very existence of this Parliament is a threat, will not stop at anything. These malign actors, linked to authoritarian third countries, have allegedly armed NGOs, unions, individuals, aides and MPs in an effort to stifle our trials.

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We will look at who can enter parliament: we have 705 members and they have many activities. But some of the things that happened in this context we will not allow to happen again. We will consider NGOs listed on the Transparency Register.”

The President announced that a ten-point plan would be presented at the beginning of 2023 to moralize the “systemic” problem of corruption risks and conflicts of interest. Entries must be reviewed in the Transparency Register, which obliges the announcement of appointments with persons outside Parliament But they allow many exceptions (for example, not related to contacts with countries outside the European Union), there will be Parliament access controls, which are now free for all ‘formers’, entry permit rules will be revised, It has more than 40,000 lobbyists working in Brussels.

Banning government officials from entering European Parliament buildings is a rare measure. Representatives of Russian companies, many of which are linked to the Kremlin, have been banned from assembly buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg since June because of the war against Ukraine.

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