Australian Prime Minister calls for Julian Assange’s release

Australian Prime Minister calls for Julian Assange’s release

Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony AlbaneseHe demanded the release of the WikiLeaks founder Julian AssangeCoinciding with the decision of the Supreme Court in London to allow him to appeal against his extradition to the United States, which accuses him of publishing secret documents, he faces the risk of being sentenced to imprisonment for a period of up to 175 years. “We continue to work constructively. Our position has been very clear and it is the same as my position as leader of the opposition and now as prime minister. That is enough,” he told the press, according to the text provided by his office on his website.

He said that imprisonment and judicial proceedings against Assange were “useless,” and added that the Australian authorities “continue to work closely to achieve results,” referring to his release.

The British judiciary’s decision gives Assange, an Australian citizen, the possibility of questioning the guarantees promised by Washington regarding how his possible trial will be conducted once he is extradited. Assange has always defended that the information revealed in 2010 amounted to the publication of war crimes committed by the United States.

The UK government had already approved the extradition in June 2022, but Assange, who spent nearly seven years as a refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, tried to prevent it in every possible way.

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