Now AI will have to do justice: here’s how to punish offenders and according to the standards | Standard and inhumane punishments

Now AI will have to do justice: here’s how to punish offenders and according to the standards |  Standard and inhumane punishments
Amnesty International against phone scams –

Phone scams have become a worldwide problem, causing huge financial loss to the victims who often fail to get their money back.

These scams are constantly evolving and scammers use more sophisticated techniques to trick people. Due to its ease of execution and low cost, phone scams are virtually business for the perpetrators, making it difficult to confront them.

Through fake calls scammers They try to trick people into getting personal informationand financial statements and money. Scams often take advantage of people’s fear or ignorance by pretending to be posing Financial institutions, corporations or government entities.

Despite the efforts of law enforcement agencies to investigate these crimes, recovering lost money is very difficult, especially since these calls can originate from countries other than those of the selected victim, which makes It is impossible to identify criminals.

To address this problem, researchers Cyber ​​Security from Macquarie University in Sydney They developed Apate, a Chatbots Designed to simulate the human voice and interact with phone scammers. The main goal of Abate Who is this Keep the scammers on the phone As long as possible, limiting the number of potential fraud victims.

No more phone scams thanks to artificial intelligence

Apate uses artificial intelligence algorithms for Create a realistic and engaging conversation with the crook. The chatbot can simulate emotions, express concerns, and ask questions that prompt the fraudster to stay on the phone for extended periods, up to 40 minutes or more. This dramatically lengthens the time the scammers spend with one victim, which reduces their chances of hunting for other prey.

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Phone scam – (Source: freepik)

The university lecturer explained: “I started thinking about how to automate the whole process and use natural language processing to develop a computerized chatbot that could have a reasonable conversation with the fraudster. Our model binds them and wastes their time and Reduces the number of successful scams. The key to making all this really effective will be cooperation with telephone operators.

the Early results using Apate are promising. According to the researchers, the chatbot was able to keep scammers on the phone for extended periods, Slow down operations and reduce the number of successful frauds. The use of Apate for law enforcement can provide insight into the schemes used by fraudsters, enabling them to take more effective preventative measures.

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