The “personal assistant” of former Minister Albalos was arrested on charges of collecting mask kickbacks

On Wednesday, the Civil Guard arrested Koldo García, a former advisor to José Luis Ábalos, and accused him of leading a conspiracy with a friend. Transfer of funds from public contracts worth €53 million To obtain health materials during the epidemic.

In addition to Garcia, the Civil Guard was also arrested His wife and brother. 26 reports were submitted, one of which was requested to the Ministry of Transport to request information.

The other head of the plot is Victor Daldama, who was also arrested, an old friend of Garcia. President of Zamora Football Club He is linked to the company Soluciones de Gestión y Apoyo a Empresas, based in Zaragoza, which is also involved in this alleged corruption case.

Specifically, National Court Judge Ismael Moreno is investigating the caseHigh standard of living in Garcia and Aldama and increase his assets, which he suspects may be related to the collection of commissions.

The Civil Guard agents were also going to take a witness statement in this case before the Minister of State for Security Affairs Number two by Fernando Grande Marlaska Reportedly to Interior Minister Rafael Perez

Abalos is 'extremely disappointed' with his 'personal assistant'

Upon learning of the arrest, the former minister – who is now a member of Parliament and head of the Interior Committee in Congress – admitted that his former advisor Participate in purchasing masks “Several companies were suggested,” but he defended that everything was legal and was in favor of “investigating everything that needed to be investigated.”

“He was also searching, looking at several companies.”Abalos confirmed in an interview with Cuatro in which he indicated that the last contact with Garcia was by phone two weeks ago.

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Abalos also explained that the former advisor, whom he described as his “personal assistant”, had always shown him “loyalty” and, therefore, I trusted him. In addition, he noted that if there had been any “significant signal” he would have stopped trusting her.

Speaking from Congress, Abalos said he was also “stunned.” “Very frustrating” With Garcia, who he claims to have lost touch with over the years.

(Controversial) advisor to the former minister

Koldo García Izaguirre was an advisor to José Luis Albalos during the latter's phase as chancellor. Secretary of PSOE Minister of Transport from 2018 to 2021.

His role as a person close to the socialist leader – whom he accompanied everywhere – was the subject of several controversies, including his participation in the meeting held at Madrid-Barajas airport with the Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, and the reason behind the opposition's opposition. He asked Congress for clarification.

This advisor was appointed by Ábalos Director of Renfe Mercaderiesa public company being investigated over alleged commissions charged by some brokers during the pandemic.

Sanchez defender and ayuso hi soca pa

Beyond the former minister's justifications, the immediate arrest of the former advisor to Abalos caused chaos. A new war between the Socialist Workers Party and the Popular Partywho still remembers well the earthquake caused by the alleged collection of kickbacks by Isabel Díaz Ayuso's brother, a case that ended up being filed.

Thus, Pedro Sánchez came out to deny what he had decided, as the People's Party insinuates Ábalos sided with the Minister of Transport Because he knew that information related to this case could come out.

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Sanchez referred to the case from Morocco, where he was on an official trip (EFE/Jalal Morshedi)

From Morocco, where he is on an official visit, Sanchez described these accusations as “curses.” It deprived them “completely”In addition to providing “maximum cooperation” with justice:

“Any attempt to enrich themselves by collecting commissions in a tragedy like the pandemic, and as we have unfortunately seen in other cases and other cases of independence, elicits my complete denunciation and an absolute rebuke on the part of the Government of Spain.”

In addition, the head of the Spanish government accused Figo of reaching the presidency of the People's Party due to a complaint about the alleged corruption case linked to the Communist Party. Brother of Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Shortly after, the mayor of Madrid rebuked him for these words Resorting again to the phrase “I like fruit”This is the formula that was formulated to justify the alleged insult he directed at the Spanish Prime Minister during the inauguration session, when he had just referred to his brother's case.

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