A new serial killer terrorizes the United States: Six deaths, the same modus operandi, and details of uniting the victims

A new serial killer terrorizes the United States: Six deaths, the same modus operandi, and details of uniting the victims

new serial killer scare the California. In Stockton, a city of 445,000 inhabitants a few kilometers from San FranciscoSix people have been shot dead since April 2021 until today. All of them will die at the hands of the same person. Police check and promised one $125,000 reward For any information that leads to the arrest of the killer.

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What do we know

While the story of Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is back in the news around the world thanks to the Netflix-produced TV series, it’s once again troubling in the United States. In recent days, the police managed to get a video of a man walking with his back in front of the camera and he might be the killer. It’s just the first clue, but for now, the serial killer remains at large.

The theory of related murders has only recently begun to emerge. Five men have died in Stockton this year, all shot dead in poorly lit areas of the city. In addition, the police department said, the same modus operandi could have been found in two other ambushes that occurred in 2021, only one of which was fatal. Then you are dead. A common denominator that supports the serial killer hypothesis. Five of them were of Latino descent.


Stockton is a city with a high crime rate. Murders are not rare nor are shootings. But in 2022, the death toll exceeded the norm. On August 11, Salvador William Debodi Jr., 43, was shot dead in a darkened parking lot along a commercial stretch. Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, was killed 19 days later. On September 21, it was the turn of Juan Cruz, 52, who was shot dead at 4:27 am. Six days later, Lorenzo Lopez, 54, was found dead on the sidewalk of a residential area.

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What do the police say

“Six men have been shot while alone in poorly lit areas since April 2021,” Stockton Police Chief Stanley Macfadyen explained. “One of the victims was white, but the rest were Hispanic males.” The only survivor, a homeless woman, was questioned by the police, but they were unable to provide information about the alleged serial killer, because they could not see his face. The police chief added that the search was continuing: “We believe he is a serial killer and we will deal with the case on that basis.”

survivor attacks

Natacha Latour, the woman who survived the attempted murder, pointed the finger at the police, who allegedly treated her “like rubbish” when she reported the case. “They basically treated me like it was a bad drug deal,” he said. “As if I knew something I didn’t share. I don’t know if they believed me or not, but what I do know is that they didn’t care.”

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