Learn about the 15 essentials for your car to pass the MOT test successfully

Learn about the 15 essentials for your car to pass the MOT test successfully

When the time comes to pass ITV from U.S trolleyWe leave it in my hands Specialized mechanics Subordinate The center we chose. We turn the steering wheel, put on the blinkers, and accelerate to calculate our CO2 emissions… but do we know them? Main components from U.S car We know what's going on underneath Capture?

In addition to holding hands Documents we must bring to pass ITVIt doesn't hurt to know Technical vocabulary For the automotive sector. That's why we're revealing it to you 15 items key from'Car slang.

Also, this one a B C This will help you understand possible malfunctions, looking at the mechanic from you to yourself Longer And knowledge of concepts Invoices That we have to pay


Refers to the anti-lock braking system, meaning it is the system that takes over braking control when it detects that the tires may lock up and skid. Under extreme braking, SAR intervenes and quickly changes braking force to help control steering.

Administrative Coordination Committee

It is an automatic vehicle speed regulation system that can recognize the traffic ahead of it and thus adjust the vehicle speed. It can also be called “intelligent speed control”.

Four-wheel drive (or 4×4)

Four-wheel drive. This means that power is sent to all wheels of the car. All-wheel drive vehicles can be permanent (power is always sent to all wheels) or convertible. The latter means that power is primarily directed to two wheels, but can be directed to all four wheels when slip is detected. Some manufacturers also call it 4×4 or 4WD.

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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

A diesel particulate filter traps and stores particles emitted by diesel exhaust gases. This aims to reduce the emissions of this type of vehicle.

Overhead cam drive (DOHC).

An overhead cam engine is a modern engine design with two camshafts instead of one. They are placed above the cylinders and ultimately make the car more powerful and efficient than an engine with only one camshaft.

Free pliers

The brake caliper is the part that presses on the disc when you press the brake pedal, preventing the wheels from rotating.

Timing belt

The timing belt is a piece of rubber that controls the timing of some elements of a car's engine. Manufacturers usually recommend changing the timing belt after a certain number of kilometers. This part can be very expensive to repair if it breaks.

Catalytic converter

Catalytic converters convert harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide) in the exhaust into less harmful gases or water vapor.

the structure

It is the structural heart or skeleton of the vehicle that consists of a shell that integrates and holds the vehicle body.


Also known as cruise control, cruise control is a system that automatically controls a vehicle's speed and is typically used on highways. The driver can set the speed they want (using a series of buttons often located on the steering wheel).

Belt fan

The fan belt uses the engine to run things like the generator and water pumps. The fan belt tends to stretch and sometimes fall off, so it may need to be adjusted or replaced periodically.

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It is a metal disc that provides inertia to the engine and transmission. Almost all cars have one.


The immobilizer is an electronic safety device connected to the car's engine and ignition system. When the immobilizer is active, the engine cannot be started, not even with the key.


A complex spring system at each corner of the car allows the wheels to move independently of the chassis and react to potholes and road irregularities.

Photography squad

Rubber graphics for vehicle tires. As the tread wears down, tires provide less grip. For this reason, there is a legal requirement that the tread depth be at least 1.6 mm across 75% of the width of the vehicle's tyres.

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