Agreement on obligations between the EU and the United States resumes exports of Ligurian and Savona highlights

Liguria. A mouthful of oxygen produced in Italy and for the production of savannah and Ligurian food and wine, the main roles of exports: The firm agreement reached at the G20 in Rome between the United States and the European Union put an end to the controversy that began in 2019. Through Donald Trump, a trade war that led to 25% additional US obligations weighed about half a billion euros on Made in Italy’s agro-food exports.

The move on the G20 is an essential step in initiating general growth in a moment of outburst and post-epidemic recovery: overcoming tariffs on steel, production costs in the agro-food sector, from packaging, to an avalanche. Transport to machinery. These are essential measures to protect products manufactured in Liguria and to protect exports.

Most vulnerable products include local DOC wines, which continue to grow in most international markets thanks to the quality of production and recorded an overall + 8.9% in the first seven months of 2020. Situation due to Govt. Among the most popular Ligurians are 8 DOC wines (DOC 5Terre, DOC Rossese di Dolceacqua, DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente, DOC Golfo del Tigullio – Portofino, DOC Val Polcevera, DOC Colline di Levanto, DOC Colline di Loni and Lunici Genovezato Hills, Eastern Liguria, Savona Hills, terraces of Imperia).

CIA-Italian applause from farmers: “Agro-food is the most important and decisive sector for trade in Italy. This is essential for the economic recovery and for many companies in the agricultural supply chain.

“Exports of agricultural foodstuffs – as confirmed by Goldiretti Liguria leader Gianluca Bori and federal representative Bruno Rivorosa – are often plagued by trade wars that have nothing to do with products. Coping with these wars is a global need to foster an economic and employment recovery after the crisis we experienced because of Govt. For our region and above all for the wine industry, the United States represents an important sales market outside the borders of the EU, especially as the quality of our DOC wines continues to increase the popularity and appreciation of Made in Liguria.

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