Naughty Dog: Layoffs are currently underway across The Last of Us and Uncharted teams, per Kotaku

Naughty Dog: Layoffs are currently underway across The Last of Us and Uncharted teams, per Kotaku

There are still no official communications either because it seems like the matter will have to be kept secret, but according to some internal sources contacted by Kotaku, it appears that the matter will also Naughty dog It has been hit by different Layoffsregarding in particular Contract developers.

According to sources that remained anonymous, at least it seems so 25 people They are participating in these layoffs, which will be part of a downsizing process for the team, which last July reached more than 400 people in the workforce.

In the past few hours, communications have reached Naughty Dog’s headquarters in Santa Monica, mainly involving contract workers. It appears that employees on permanent contracts are not at risk in this maneuver, which is intended to particularly affect the most recent appointments and contracts, which will obviously be terminated before the terms stipulated in the agreements.

Very difficult maneuver

This illustration is pretty much everything we’ve seen in The Last of Us multiplayer project

Kotaku also reports that those affected by the layoffs will not receive their salaries No end-of-service gratuity Team members, whether involved or not, were asked not to talk about the matter publicly. The contracts, however, would not be finalized until the end of October, so communications arrived a few weeks early.

Even a hugely successful team like Naughty Dog, creator of series like The Last of Us and Uncharted, doesn’t seem to be safe from the greats. calamity Which affects the industry and leads to the layoff of many workers around the world.

The PlayStation Studios team has finished work on The Last of Us: Part I, the remake of the first chapter of the series, and is working on the multiplayer game based on it, which has been identified as Factions, but it does not have an official address yet. However, it appears that the project ran into some issues and took longer than expected, also based on what Bloomberg reported about the game being downsized.

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