Google Red Alert: Save What You Have To The Cloud Now Or You’ll Lose Thousands Of Data | Nothing will be left of it

Google Red Alert: Save What You Have To The Cloud Now Or You’ll Lose Thousands Of Data |  Nothing will be left of it
Google Photos, all these albums are at risk –

Photographs are a precious treasure of memories, thanks to which you can capture special moments from your life and the life of your family that you want to preserve over time.

Over the past few years, Google Photos has established itself as a popular tool for storing and organizing our digital photos, however, news has recently emerged that can greatly affect all users.

Pictures are tangible testimonies of the moments you experienced and the people who were part of them and they allow you to be Reviving valuable experiences, strengthening family ties, and preserving personal history Capture a precious moment. For all these reasons, photo protection is an aspect of fundamental importance.

Google Images It has provided an excellent photo backup and archiving service over the years, but the company recently announced that it will soon be deleting a lot of old photos and many users have identified the need to save their memories elsewhere.

Google has set a deadline for July 19, 2023 is the date on which pre-2018 content will be removed Definitely from Google Images.

How to save your photos from Google Photos before deleting them

Fortunately there is a tool called Google Takeoutswhich allows users to export and download their personal data, including photo albums, from their Google accounts.

Images deleted – (Source: freepik)

Here’s how to use it to save photos:

  • Log in to the site With your Google login credentials where your photos are saved.
  • Browse photos and albums to select what you want to save.
  • Click on the option “He chooses” or Select to choose the albums you want to export.
  • After selecting the albums to keep, click the tray icon at the bottom right to open them Options.
  • To determine “Export albumsor “Export Album” from the options menu.
  • A warning message will appear that the photos and videos you view will not be available after July 19, 2023.
  • Click “Create an archiveor “Create Archive” to start the export process.
  • Wait for Google to prepare the files for downloading and once the process is over and the archive is ready, you will receive a file mail It contains a link to download and keep images safely.
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