The endings of the original trilogy were chosen to continue the series –

The endings of the original trilogy were chosen to continue the series –

Drew Carpichin, the science fiction author who helped create the worlds of Darth Bean, Revan and mass effect It was said in an AMA on Reddit that Bioware found itself at a crossroads at the end of the original trilogy. There were several ideas about the dish for the lastbut some of these were eliminated for the simple reason that they made a file continue the series on the same tracks.

The question-and-answer sequence you can find in this is the addressopened with a question about Bioware’s beloved RPG series: “How would you have finished the Mass Effect series?”.

Instead of answering directly, Drew Karpyshyn told Drew Karpyshyn about a small piece of logical reasoning he gave at the time with the entire team. Bioware. The logic that led to one of the most controversial endings in history (and the most controversial was the choice to change it to meet fan requests) that clearly didn’t satisfy everyone even within the same developer.

“As for Mass Effect, we wrote some of them Very rough ideas. Basically, it was about attracting Reapers through group relays in order to eliminate them by blowing up the entire network… We also thought about destroying/damaging the relays in order to isolate each galactic community from the others. But we still have to work on a lot of details and there were some problems with this option … For example, it did not offer many options for creating the next series of games.”

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