Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine: for US intelligence there are more than 7000

Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine: for US intelligence there are more than 7000

worst than Iraq and Afghanistan Together, it’s even worse than Iwo Jima. According to US intelligence estimates, The New York TimesThe number of Russian military deaths in 20 days of Invasion of Ukraine It had already exceeded 7,000. Thus, the losses accumulated by the United States in the twenty years of the Middle East wars are more than the number of Marines who fell in the bloody capture of Iwo Jima, which lasted 36 days between February and March 1945.

These are the numbers that, if confirmed, will be compromised The same Russian ability to continue the offensive. The Pentagon’s logic, in fact, is that the entire operation of each combat unit would be compromised with losses exceeding 10 percent of the force. And adding the dead to the wounded, who will be, according to the same estimates, between 14 and 21 thousand, that threshold would have been largely reached, considering that the Russian army has mobilized about 150 thousand soldiers so far.

again according to pentagonal, whose war progress reports end on Joe Biden’s desk daily, such a high casualty rate would cause a major “troop morale” crisis, drastically reducing their willingness to fight. One of these letters even referred to cases in which soldiers gave up their means and scattered in the woods.

The same US intelligence sources who spoke to The New York Times Provided they remain anonymous, they realize, however, that no matter how well calibrated they are, their estimates are still estimates: based on crossing news spreads by both Russians and Ukrainians, analysis of satellite imagery, and fairly standard data such as the number of people who Usually the formation of the crew of tanks and other military vehicles that were destroyed.

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