Will US Gas Save Europe’s Energy Crisis?

Effect European energy crisis: The geopolitics of LNG routes is changing.

Number of ships crossing the Atlantic Liquefied natural gas As continental energy shortages worsened, Western European ports from the United States increased by 50% in just 24 hours.

As of December 24, there were 15 loads in the European direction, up from 10 on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg data.

The Gas and energy crisis In Europe it has intensified in recent days, with nuclear reactors shut down in France and the low wind power generation in Germany – plus the Russia factor – exacerbating the deficit, forcing countries to burn more coal and oil.

The United States, With their gas GNL, Will the old continent survive the winter?

More US gas in Europe: Prices are falling

Little rest of the Rise of the Gods Spot gas prices Note European market: Dutch TTF case futures traded at 104 euros on December 24, down from previous highs.

Is there an effect in America?

Ships carrying liquid liquefied natural gas bound for Asia are changing their refueling course European consumers.

For most of the year, buyers in China, Japan and South Korea outperformed Europeans in importing ultra-refrigerated fuel used in power plants.

However, now the whole area is full of storage, i United States Freight Those who went to Asia were sent inside Europe To monetize rising prices and demand.

In fact, Australian LNG’s first export to Europe has been made for over a decade.

Minerva Kios, an American liquefied natural gas tanker advancing east near India on December 15, but has since turned upside down and is now heading towards the Suez Canal.

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Another ship US LNG It returned near the Straits of Malacca last week, while one-third are expected to supply a portion of Australian gas to Barcelona on December 24.

Torbjorn Tornqvist, founder and CEO of Gunvor, the world’s largest independent LNG trader, said he expects 15 to 20 cargoes to arrive in addition to normal flow. Europe Same amount this month and January.

All clear signs of how European gas crisis Transforms business relationships. And it is still unresolved.

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