Drones and blood, the diplomatic issue between Turkey and the United States: the return of terrorism to Syria

Drones and blood, the diplomatic issue between Turkey and the United States: the return of terrorism to Syria

One “Unpleasant accident“That’s how it is United State They described shooting down a Turkish drone by one of their F-16 aircraft in the north of the country Syria. This is the line followed by both Washington and Ankara. The goal immediately seemed to be to prevent the violent fighting from turning into a topic of political discussion, which the United States and its allies appear to be at the moment Türkiye Agree to prevent a drone accident from becoming Diplomatic issue. For the Pentagon, this incident has a clear dynamic. A Turkish Air Force drone was busy bombing the forces Kurdish The People’s Protection Units are in an area not far from the American forces. The aircraft approached the US restricted area of ​​operations, resulting in the fighter being ordered to take off immediately. the Jet He did his job to the end. But the problem is that that drone was not an enemy vehicle, it was an ally.

From a state that we must remember is engaged in operations that it considers exclusive.”anti-terrorism” which is dealt with in addition With youTo those forces that, for Washington and some Western leaders, represented a partner in an anti-ISIS and Bashar al-Assad perspective. Lonely people Strategic headache Which was the subject of discussions and negotiations between the Turkish President several times Recep Tayyip Erdogan And NATO leaders, because Turkey has never hidden its priority of destroying all Kurdish paramilitary forces located inside and outside its borders, whether through air strikes or through military operations on the ground. And so the incident reveals this once again complicated – And in some respects, there is also an inextricable – strategic mechanism operating in Syria. This seems to further confirm the delicate relationship between Ankara and Washington, which also extends along the path of trilateral relations with the Kurds.

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Sublime Porte officials preferred to avoid talk of shooting down the plane, stating only that they had “lost” the drone – without specifying how – and instead highlighting the objectives achieved during the various operations underway after the failed attack in Ankara. Operations that, according to the Defense and Security Forces, would also have led to the death of five Turkish soldiers, although the Defense denies this. Everything depends on the fragile but at the same time necessary relationship between the two allies. It is not surprising that Defense Minister Lloyd Austin He had a conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Yaşar Guler, and the same thing happened between the leaders of the armed forces: Charles Quinton Brown and Metin Gorak. The Biden administration hopes that these immediate clarifications will avoid landing the issue of drones in the hall of the Turkish Parliament, where the decisive match to ratify Sweden’s membership in NATO is being held.

However, with the exception of bilateral relations, which are certainly fundamental, this episode should also be read in a local key, since in this incident that occurred in the Syrian sky, the so-called “elephant in the room” is precisely the country where everything is happening. . Hadath, meaning Syria. A nation in limbo due to local and global conflicts, diplomatic games, sanctions and the war against terrorism whose chancelleries around the world remain almost forgotten. However, the blood in this Middle Eastern country is still flowing and has increased significantly recently. Two days ago, the attack on the Military Academy in Homs killed more than 80 people: According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, even more than a hundred. A massacre that reminds us of the darkest moments of the war, when the black flags of ISIS destroyed not only Syria, but Iraq as well. The attack appears to have occurred with drones: the same vehicles that then attempted to attack during the funerals of some of the victims. Thus, terrorism seems determined to regain ground again in a country that is trying to live its difficult natural conditions, but where war seems tragically endemic.

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