Sales hit 19.3 million, below expectations, with PS4 at 117 million –

Sales hit 19.3 million, below expectations, with PS4 at 117 million –

Sony announced the updated data on sales from PS5that reached the share 19.3 million of consoles distributed around the world, which is certainly a positive number but still less than the expectations set by the company.

For fiscal year 2021, Sony sold 11.5 million PS5, while the target was set at 14.8 million units, So the goal is lost More than 3 million units. On the other hand, until the end of 2021, it warned investors about the difficulty of reaching the goal, given the ongoing crisis in semiconductors and the impossibility of maintaining an adequate production rate.

So the problem is always the same: Scarcity of units produced And putting it on the market limits PS5 numbers, considering that demand is still very high.

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while, PS4 It continues to sell though it’s clearly at a much slower pace than before: With another 100,000 consoles sold in the quarter ending March 31, 2022, the total PS4 sold worldwide now stands at 117 million.

The amount of PS4 is still impressive but it’s clear that the stick has now moved on to the PS5, which will not reach its full potential in the market until there is an adequate supply of consoles for sale. The latest official data provided by Sony relates to 10.1 million units sold for the PS5, dating back to last summer and relating to the end of the quarter in June 2021. So there has been a decrease in the pace of PS5 sales, from about 10 million sold in the first 7 months. Unfortunately, the semiconductor shortage is expected to continue, according to some, until 2024.

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Anyway, for the next fiscal year (which ends March 2023) Sony plans to sell 18 million PS5, which means a significant acceleration in hardware production. However, this is another drop in estimates, considering that 22.6 million units were initially expected to be sold in fiscal 2023.

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