Mazda MX-5 Roadster test, technical data, opinions and dimensions 1.5 Exclusive-Line

Mazda MX-5 Roadster test, technical data, opinions and dimensions 1.5 Exclusive-Line

happy birthday!

35 years after the launch of the predecessor and ten years after the launch of the latest generation model, the ND, the little Spider, took place Mazda MX-5 It has been slightly updated in the compact and bold body, in the multimedia system and in the equipment of the safety systems and driving aids.

without change A set of engines: Plus 1.5 132 hp for the car in our test (which can also be had for an additional 2,300 euros in the RF version, with Sheet metal roof Foldable into three parts instead of the fabric part). Mazda MX-5 It is also present with a more energetic 2.0 engine (52 hp can be felt more at low and medium revs). If it’s the latter you’re considering, the good news is offering a Self-locking differential Less abruptness in transferring engine torque to the wheel with more grip on asphalt (power chip management counter-steering is somewhat less demanding); What’s less good is that the car will remain on the list in Italy Not for longbecause the company has no plans to update the 184-horsepower unit to Euro 6e regulations, which all newly registered gasoline cars will have to adhere to from September 1, 2024.

Minor changes on the outside

Aesthetic changes made by designers Mazda MX-5 They are tiny. In the Before The grille changes slightly, now incorporating the radar sensor for the electronic driving aids (among other things, the lane keeping system makes its debut), and the LED daytime running lights, which are still made up of diodes but are now integrated into the headlights instead of the headlights. Air intakes on both sides of the bumper. behindHowever, the headlights have been changed, with a special 3D finish and LED direction indicators.

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Now it has a bigger screen

In the cockpit Mazda MX-5 (In general the type of car is welcome, provided you are not taller than 185 cm) The main novelty is Multimedia system, which now has an 8.8-inch screen (previously 7 inches) and includes wireless connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; However, only in the latter case is the screen clickable (in any case, you can navigate between the different menus using the appropriate button wheel In the tunnel between the seats). The round instrument hands and numbers behind them are also new, and are now easier to read Steering wheel Three spokes. The latter, pleasant and comfortable to hold, is adjustable in height and depth; However, those who are much taller or shorter than average, due to the limited height range of seat adjustment, may still have some trouble getting real comfort.

Not very practical, but well made

Although all rigid, and Plastic I am Quality And well assembled. However, storage compartments are few and small: there are no door pockets and no tray in the dashboard, and in the well under the armrest there is no room even for a small smartphone; If you don’t want to keep everything in your pockets, the only solution is to open the small door in the wall behind the seats, which gives access to an unexpectedly deep compartment (two other doors, difficult to reach, are created in the same wall behind the backrests). the Box She just has ability 130 litres And a somewhat irregular shape: to take advantage of the small space available, it is better to choose soft bags.

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He knows how to entertain you

A new feature, starting with the mid-range Exclusive Line model of the car in our test, is Driving mode That home is calling DSC path: This is a slightly more flexible calibration than ESP, for use on the track, as the name suggests: the electronic control intervenes later and only if it realizes that the driver is not reacting correctly (counter-steering), which gives a thrill.Controlled sliding“. Therefore, more experienced people can choose to deactivate the stability control system completely, depending on their driving sensitivity (and their reactions). However, even by fully depressing the accelerator pedal with the wheels turned, it is difficult to cause a loss of control of the vehicle Uncontrollably; the thing to watch out for, if anything, is the faster changes in direction at high speeds, where the car is, given the calibration instead of smooth From the suspension (surprisingly effective at “digesting” bumps and potholes), it tends to wobble a little.

A drive worth listening to

Let it be Guidance Be the exchange They bring joy to athletes. As for the first, it is on its own Fast and accurateMazda engineers have provided lower friction materials for the rack and different electronic management; The result is a slightly more flexible command when “returning” the steering wheel after a sharp bend. Change, however, is a nice confirmation: the Short stroke From the leverage, the precision of the shifts and the spacing between the ratios, which favor a great ride, make the Mazda MX-5’s six-speed manual one of the best on the market. And talking about Driving pleasurethanks to the additional hole made in the air filter box, the duct closed by the diaphragm connecting the intake manifold to the passenger compartment (present since the launch of the MX-5 ND) now makes the roar more attractive than the 1.5, which, although not a “racing” engine It drives with good verve even before the section of the rev counter where it gives its best, i.e. from 5000 to over 7000 rpm.

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