10 sneakers for Prime Day 2023: the models that must be bought right now with discounts on Amazon

10 sneakers for Prime Day 2023: the models that must be bought right now with discounts on Amazon

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Sneakers: The Investment to Be Made Now

Are you ready for the best Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals? There is no better time to buy some popular sneakers at great prices; So, if you are a sneakerhead, or simply want to refresh your wardrobe, now is the time.

With Amazon Prime Day 2023, I’ll be unveiling a selection of 10 discount sneakers: from timeless models like Vans Ward and Saucony Jazz, to extravagant and futuristic trekking shoes from Salomon. Get ready to discover the sneakers to pack this summer (without worrying about the budget!) or to wear when you get back from vacation.

Sneakers on Amazon Prime Day 2023 selected by Vogue Italia:

  • Immortal Trolleys Ward
  • comfortable Adidas Galaxy 6
  • Hiking shoes Suleiman speed crossing 5
  • The new trademark kombat performance from kappa
  • the Sokoni vintage model Jazz
  • the Grand Court to Adidas
  • sport shoes Diadora L game
  • hiking boot CMP extension model Rigel
  • platform sneakers puma
  • the Skechers Pops band

#1 The Timeless Vans Ward

Trucks Ward It’s a true classic when it comes to sneakers; An iconic model that represents the essence of urban style and skateboard lovers. The low silhouette, the light (yet resistant) canvas upper, and the special vulcanized rubber sole make the Vans comfortable and fashionable. Being in canvas, you can wear them even now.

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# 2 Comfortable Adidas Galaxy 6 shoes

the Adidas Galaxy 6 They are shoes that combine style and movement. Despite the simple and current design, these sneakers are designed to provide you with maximum comfort: the canvas fabrics and cushioned sole make them the perfect choice for your summer adventures, but no one will stop you from wearing them to stay comfortable during the shopping day. or ride a plane.

#3 Salomons trekking

Whether you want to climb a mountain or hike in the woods, speed crossing 5 They will be your perfect adventure companion. They are able to deliver exceptional performance in any condition, thanks to the special sole with deep grooves (able to keep your feet firmly on even the most slippery terrain) and the waterproof fabric.

#4 Kappa Combat Sneaker

the Combat Performance 2 Pro These are the sneakers for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a technical and performance shoe, but don’t want to give up style. Characteristic features are the sole is oversized (to support the plantar arch) and non-slip, which makes it very comfortable and safe; Al Ain is also doing its part, thanks to the current design and in keeping with the latest street fashion trends.

#5 Saucony Vintage Jazz Model

Saucony shoes are a testament to the classic and timeless design that continues to win the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. What makes them Jazz Really special, in addition to the high-quality materials, is its vintage spirit; It perfectly captures the essence of ’80s and ’90s style, and takes us way back in time (with a touch of nostalgia).

#6 Adidas Grand Courts

If you are looking for a sneaker that is able to combine style, comfort and versatility, Adidas Grand Court They are the perfect choice. A sneaker with a pure and linear look, it can be combined with an infinite variety of clothes: from a casual and sporty look, composed of shorts and a T-shirt, to a more elegant ensemble, with a midi dress or a long flared dress. pocket.

#7 Diadora sneakers

It has subtle yet distinctive details, like the logo on the tongue and on the side of the shoe, Diadora L Low Waxed It’s a classic that will never go out of style; Available on Amazon in over 20 colours, you can indulge yourself by choosing the version that best represents you, from total white to bright red or green details.

#8 CMP trekking shoes

A shoe for hiking enthusiasts, as well as the #1 hiking shoe category on Amazon (in terms of reviews and reviews); It adapts to all surfaces, wet or dry, thanks to its innovative structure and sole. A sneaker with a sporty fit and style.

#9 Puma platform sneakers

Definitely a trend of the moment, platform sneakers are perfect for adding a bold touch (and a few extra inches) to your look. model Vicky From Puma, available in 5 other colors with details ranging from white to black, it’s perfect for wearing in both a casual outfit and for more tailored looks with a cool urban style.

#10 Skechers Arch Fit rainbow display

This model is a real explosion of energy and vitality. Comfort remains a hallmark of the SKECHERS sneaker, thanks to the engineered knit upper and soft, cushioned insole.

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