The new Samsung Galaxy phone is on sale in Italy, but is it really worth it? This smartphone is a gem

The new Samsung Galaxy phone is on sale in Italy, but is it really worth it?  This smartphone is a gem

A new Samsung Galaxy phone is arriving, but if you’re looking for your new smartphone, is this really the device you’ve been waiting for? Surprising comparison.

Samsung certainly knows how to create anticipation and build hype for its products. The most recent evidence of this is the choices that have been made To the new Samsung Galaxy It also became available on our side of the ocean after only remaining available to the US market in a somewhat anomalous fashion and for a longer period than usual.

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But perhaps all Samsung wanted to wait for was the Christmas period so it could impress those in need of a new device A package that seems to tick all the boxes In one fell swoop.

However, when you take a closer look at the features of the new Galaxy smartphone, it is also useful to compare them with the features of other smartphones nearby because they are from the same manufacturer and are already available. Indeed, from the comparison it appears Some differences Which may or may not change your mind.

Is the new Samsung Galaxy phone what you are looking for?

Samsung has long opened its own philosophy that partly follows what is happening with Apple: to create devices of the same family Different configurations Which have different offers and different prices as well in order to satisfy a wider audience including those who can make some compromises. We are talking about the process carried out by the Korean company The products are called FE Also known as fan edition.

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What are the features of the new Samsung smartphone on offer?
Confusing package but is it worth getting this Galaxy? (Image Samsung) –

These are products that maintain many of the characteristics of the more popular products but have instead been discounted slightly in some areas for a more accessible price. It was one of the last representatives of products that were still missing on the European market Samsung S23 Which has now been officially announced to have arrived to us as well.

The product is available in a complete package of Galaxy buds Always in the FE version at a price 739 euros. But is this really the right Samsung phone for you? Comparing it, for example, with the classic version of the Galaxy S23, you notice some differences that might make you think again. For example, by looking inside the S23 FE They still have S22 SoCs While the classic S23 is already gone to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Another important aspect can be Fingerprint reader It is an optical version of the S23 FE while an ultrasonic version of the standard version. One aspect in which the FE version seems to be a step up is the screen diagonal which is slightly higher than a standard smartphone.

The only real big difference that might make you lean towards the FE version is The battery is much larger: 4500 mAh vs 3900 mAh. What could make the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE a bestseller this Christmas is the package that combines it with wireless earbuds that are purchased separately at a cost. 109 euros.

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