Two exciting news soon, what changes

Two exciting news soon, what changes

Whatsapp, two exciting news is coming soon for the users of the most used messaging application in the world: they are going to radically change its use

If we were previously used to the usual texting or chatting made available by Facebook, starting in 2009 – the year the application was launched – WhatsApp You entered our lives and did not leave. property application meta groupwidely used on a global scale, has become the primary tool with which to send messages, photos and files, but also to make phone calls and even video calls.

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Features gradually accepted byMessaging apps It has allowed more efficiency in connecting people from all over the world. Precisely for this reason, the Recently announced From the Meta group, only WhatsApp users can give hope.

In fact, it’s time for the messaging app to say hello, too Two new jobs That will revolutionize its use. These are two novelties that, we are sure, will not fail to please the majority of users.

Whatsapp, crazy breaking news: two exciting news is coming, what’s changing

The first job released by the Meta Group will deal specifically with the ability to Add captions to your photos or videos Forward it on WhatsApp. A novelty that aims to make the connection between the description and the file itself immediate and easy.

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Often and willingly, in fact, we find ourselves sending messages that have a job Select specific content Pre-routed audio or video. However, when this happens, there is a risk that the message combined with the respective files will be lost among many other messages, possibly sent by the members of that specific chat or WhatsApp group. there Explanation of the text Associated with photos and videos, from this point of view, will solve any problem.

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The second feature is related to Surveys, launched on WhatsApp at the end of 2022. The novelty will concern, in this particular situation, what kind of answer can be given in the surveys. You will no longer have surveys with the ability to choose more than one item, but you will have questions that you can take I only answer onceand without being able to edit the answer afterwards.

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At present, the exact release date of these two functions has not yet been disclosed, which is a file users From WhatsApp they are waiting for a lot Impatience. With these two eagerly awaited innovations, Meta has proven its desire to make its messaging app more competitive and unique than ever before.

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