Apple, iPhone 14 will be revealed on September 7

Apple, iPhone 14 will be revealed on September 7

Apple will reveal the new iPhones on September 7. The iPhone 14 It will be split into basic models, Pro and Pro Max, and is supposed to hit the market on September 16th. For a Bloomberg report citing some sources. On September 7, as usual in recent years, the new Apple Watch will also be presented, most likely with a specific model with a reinforced body.

As always, other surprises should not be missed, as September is traditionally the most important pre-Christmas event. Among the analysts’ predictions, there are in fact also new iPads and new Macs, but of course the iPhone remains the absolute champion. Together with iOS16, the new version of the operating system that will contain the features necessary to use the new technologies on the iPhone 14, which should make a leap forward especially in terms of multimedia capabilities, photos and videos on everything. According to some analysts, the new generations of iPhone may see a price hike, due to technological innovations but also due to the global scenario.

In this sense, it is an important moment for the Cupertino giant from an industrial point of view, as negotiations are underway to bring the production of some devices to Southeast Asia, possibly in Vietnam, with the aim of reducing dependence on factories in China. It’s an especially complex scenario for Apple’s logistical, industrial, and economic presence in China, where Apple has been producing (and selling in significant numbers) its devices for years, and where recent geopolitical developments have made the industrial scenario not so easy to manage for all the major tech brands.

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