PS5: Sony’s Jim Ryan on Spider-Man 2, PC and PlayStation VR2 ports

PS5: Sony’s Jim Ryan on Spider-Man 2, PC and PlayStation VR2 ports

From Famitsu’s new interview, A.J Jim Ryan, President of Sony PlayStationOther considerations appear PS5 especially on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and its significance For vintage console, plus port for a computer By PlayStation Studios and on the status of PlayStation VR2.

When asked about Sony’s plans to release Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in 2023, Ryan said they expect Big launchas well as tacitly confirming arrival within the year 2023, given that the initial statement was not corrected.

Considering the massive success of the first Marvel’s Spider-Man game on PS4, it’s only natural that Sony could expect a huge launch from the new chapter. Also, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was It is specially developed for PS5, unlike the previous chapter, so the developers “didn’t have to make compromises,” Ryan reported in this regard. “We asked them to focus on getting the most out of PS5 in creating the game,” explained the head of PlayStation, also stating that he had received excellent feedback on what Insomniac Games had come up with.

The interview, which also addressed the importance of the Japanese market and Japanese games for PS5, and then also touched on PlayStation Studios’ PC ports of games. Jim Ryan confirmed that Sony will continue to be very active in this field and will bring Other PlayStation games on PCHowever, he also emphasized the importance of PS5 exclusive games.

the temporal separation Between the release of PS5 exclusives and related conversions on PC will therefore continue to exist, to encourage the presence of PS5 exclusives and also because, according to Ryan, the feedback collected is also positive for games that hit PC in the years after their release On consoles, so the strategy still yields excellent results.

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Finally, regarding PlayStation VR2 Ryan reports that it’s still too early to draw conclusions about the success of the peripherals, but at launch they were already able to release 40 games and the results so far seem to be positive. Therefore, confidence is high, also considering that there are many other titles due in 2023 and beyond.

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