This is how they drain your account

This is how they drain your account

News abstraction Expose another scam. Channel 5 correspondent, Marco Camisani Calzolari, It warns of two more attempts to steal money and data online. The first is used Email message. The second is A short message Who uses the Findomestic brand. The first, as the satirical news reporter explained, was signed directly by the revenue agency and said: “Dear Salvatore Esposito, from examining the data and payments related to the reports of periodic cancellations of VAT, which you showed for the 2023 quarter, some discrepancies emerged.”

And again: “Notifications of harassment can be accessed in the “Tax Drawer” (agency section) which can be accessed from Revenue Agency website And in the latest version in the archive attached to this email. Finally, here is a link to click to download the alleged attachment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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As Camisani Calzolari explains, “It is a phishing campaign aimed at collecting our personal data and stealing our money.” The same goes for a text message. Here we read: “Attention! Your Findomestic application is active on a new device in Madrid, if it is not you, block it by following the link”. It’s also a scam where the bad guys want to alert us and push us to open the web connection. Let’s not do that, it’s about Attempted theft From our credentials to access the account.”

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Here is Marco Camisani Calzolari’s complaint

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