Meghan Markle and Harry in a black crisis. Show her secret daughter

Meghan Markle and Harry in a black crisis.  Show her secret daughter

Meghan Markle and Harry’s wedding It seems that he has entered a crisis once and for all. Apparently new rumors appeared her secret daughterHe is so disappointed and so embittered by the prince that his relationship with his wife is seriously endangered. He no longer had anyone to trust. It’s only a matter of time, but the couple is about to explode, according to Samantha Markle, the half-sister of the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle, the embarrassing daughter Harry doesn’t like

After being abandoned by the royal familyAfter William publicly showed his suffering because of his behavior And after rumors DNA test ordered by CarloIt also looks like Harry has lost the last person he thought he could count on and be completely honest with, his wife Meghan Markle. He shared with her his fight against the court and against the media that had always mocked him. But now that partnership appears to have fallen apart, at least according to what he writes new idea.

The Australian magazine already published an article last year about it There was talk of a “secret daughter”. Meghan and some photos she “wanted to hide”. Then the indiscretion diminished, because it appeared that the child in question was ivyDaughter of his ex-best friend Jessica Mulroney. Markle has always considered her her daughter and also on October 10, in a video filmed at the WellChil Awards, she talks about 5 children. Two of course are Archie and Lilipt, Harry’s children, two are dogs and the fifth is Ivy.

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According to sources close to the Sussexes, Meghan’s attachment to the baby would be upsetting Harry, especially since his wife considers her just like a daughter, like Archie and Lilipt. Also recently appeared Prince He’s obsessed with loyaltywhich he also demands of his employees in an almost insane way, and these “favorites” of his wife cannot afford, it is almost a lack of loyalty.

Harry and Meghan Markle are about to explode: the end of marriage

So, the tension runs on the wire between Harry and Meghan and to throw gasoline on the fire we start Samantha Markle Who on the other hand always has hateful words towards his half-sister. On the other hand, he never forgave her for not inviting her to his wedding. And so she responded with the expectation of an imminent end to their marriage, as the magazine reported in touch. Samantha will also reveal how Meghan realized, when she married the Prince, that she “couldn’t play by his rules”, accusing her cheating her husband. Harry can win in court if he asks for it one day divorce So rule.

Another source, however, who wanted to remain anonymous, increased the dose by speaking of disrespect towards the Prince. “Meghan cut him off from his family to be number one in every situation, and he’s never really going to be happy unless he becomes the center of it all and even that just won’t be enough.” in touch You expect the end of Harry and Markle’s marriage to be very near now.

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