June 5, 2023

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The electric city car you never imagined | Fiat dazzles and hits everyone on time

It was also one of the first cars of this size to have an air conditioning system on board.

A prototype car was presented at the 1972 Turin Motor Show. Does anyone of you remember it? With this car, Fiat was truly ahead of its time. Let’s remember it together, or if you don’t know it, let’s find out together!

Fiat cars (web source)

X1 / 23 The name of the car, but everyone knows it as Fiat City Car. In fact, the acronym defines “the study of the shape of the city car”. It all started with the idea of ​​Gian Paolo Buano, who designed a small car study for the Centro Stile Fiat: the Fiat City.

It is a very modern car from an aesthetic point of view, with massive bumpers placed in the front and on the sides. Let’s always remember the years he was born, he was really ahead of his time! It was the first electric car produced by the automaker Turin.

Fiat City (web source) 5.6.2022 quattromania
Fiat City car (web source)

The Fiat X1/23 featured flashy fenders and rubber side protection that resumed studies a few years ago on Fiat ESV (Safety Experimental Vehicle) series concepts. In fact, at that time, the Turin automobile plant was developing new passive safety principles and was at the forefront at this point.

The Fiat City was 2,642 meters long, 1,510 meters wide, and 1,340 meters high. Ventilation in the passenger compartment must be ensured by the air conditioning system since the side windows have been fixed.

Engine characteristics

At the time, some information was also published regarding the powertrain, which was all-electric. In the front of the Fiat city car I found DC electric motor with 13.5 HP. The car features an electric motor with nickel-zinc batteries. The accumulator, located in the back, has The weight of the machine is 166 kg and allows a declared autonomy of about 80 km and a maximum speed of about 70 km / h, the total weight of the machine is 820 kg.

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Fiat City (web source) 5.6.2022 Quattromania 2
Fiat City car (web source)

But we did talk about how the Fiat City predicted its times. It was also one of the first cars of this size to have an air conditioning system on board. Just to make up for the difficulty of opening the side windows. The Fiat City Car is approved for the transport of two people.

In short, a car that was ahead of its time. Do you think to see something else similar in the Fiat house we’ll have to wait until 1990 with the Panda Elettra, and in the following years, the Cinquecento Elettra and then our current 500e.