The new baby entrusted to the American soldiers during their evacuation from Kabul found and disappeared –

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Sohail Ahmed had lost track on August 19 last. According to The Times, the little boy, now six months old, has been found safely after surviving an attempted kidnapping: at the home of a taxi driver in Kabul. May soon return to the family

He will be found and will already be returned to his family Sohail AhmadiAfghan child He disappeared after his parents entrusted him to a US Marine At Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul During the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer. Reports on timesAccording to it, the little boy who is now six months old, after escaping the kidnapping attempt will be safe, was found in the house of a taxi driver in Kabul, who has been taking care of him until now.

Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Soraya were at the airport on August 19 in an attempt to leave Afghanistan After the Taliban came to power. They ended up crushing the Dirty River and Abbey Gate, with thousands of other people waiting to enter the airport to board evacuation flights, entrusting Sohail to the US military for fear of being crushed by the crowd. But they haven’t heard anything from the baby since that moment. The couple evacuated with their other children aged 17, 9, 6 and 3, arriving in Fort Bliss, Texas, after a long journey with stops first in Qatar and then in Germany. Now a possible happy ending even if there is still no official confirmation of the identity of the little boy.

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