Majoral considers the reform of the Lauredi Cultural Center a priority

Majoral considers the reform of the Lauredi Cultural Center a priority

Saint Julian’sUnió Laurediana + Democrats + Action + Independents is committed to culture as a fundamental pillar of the parish. The fire at the Cultural Center forced the search for new resources to continue the planned proposals and highlight the solidarity of the Lorientian people. The positive part is that the reform will allow what should be the cultural nerve center of the parish to keep up with the latest developments. As Mireya Codina, the second-in-command in the nomination, explained on Monday, “The company has reinvented itself and we have not stopped doing anything. At Sant Giulia, we continued to enjoy the culture and shows and bet on the country’s young talents.”

Investing so that young and old know and love the culture is one of the goals on the list. The aim is to support traditional events and festivals, as they bring generations together and enhance a sense of identity and belonging. Supporting local artists and artisans is a priority, considering that they generate wealth and constitute an important part of the economy, as culture creates jobs and businesses, which is why the project proposes to take back the table of cultural entities and empower local artists.

On the other hand, the reform of the Lorient Cultural and Convention Center is expected to become a reality in the summer of 2024 and put culture once again at the center. In this sense, Codina stated that “thanks to the savings, we have been able to invest in modernizing and improving the facilities. We want to have a modern space and more prepared for future proposals that may be developed there. We also want to provide the necessary tools for the young talents of the parish by offering training in diversity Performing Arts: It is planned to renovate the facade, improve technological resources and create different spaces, such as the library, that are more diverse and spacious.

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The main festival is also included in the electoral program with the aim of working to maintain events for all audiences and continuing to be a meeting and welcoming point for all. It is planned that the university will also promote cultural and educational development and be an economic and commercial catalyst for the parish.

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