Consul Ragini Gupta: “Large US groups ready to invest in Emilia” – Economy

Consul Ragini Gupta: “Large US groups ready to invest in Emilia” – Economy

Bologna, 18 December 2021 – He represented the United States as the official ambassador for nearly a year and a half. Based in Florence, the jurisdiction of the districts of Emilia Romagna, San Marino and Tuscany. Ambassador, there is no need to reduce the words Ragini Gupta, Speaks and understands Italy correctly.

Do Italians who fly to the United States have a hard life these days?
“Despite the emergency, procedures are now safer and faster than ever before. Procedures guarantee maximum security.”

What do Americans appreciate from Emilia Romagna?
“First, the quality of life. Tourists are also attracted by the reception, hospitality, and food. The presence of American citizens is very high.”

Let’s start with the numbers
“In the district where I work, there are 85,000 American citizens.

Didn’t Covid scare tourists in Italy?
“Italy is a virtuous country, very focused on health care and tourists are returning little by little”.

Will you bring your family members?
“Sure, my family will be coming for Christmas.”

The city that attacked you?
“Beautiful bologna, but I decided to celebrate my wedding anniversary in Modena a year ago”.
How did it come about?
“I have always been fascinated by food and wine specialties that know how to combine tradition and innovation.”

Where did he have dinner?
“At Chef Massimo Potura’s Franciscan Restaurant. I also found the balsamic vinegar I like on the scales of Formigiano Regiano.”

What did you see in Modena?
“We went to town and discovered the Motor Valley. An unforgettable visit to Maserati”.

Many American students choose gono Italy.
“Johns Hopkins Private University in Bologna attracts the best students from the United States. It is an institution in Baltimore, Maryland. We have been honored as Cultural Ambassadors of the States.

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Enjoy reading.
“The quality of life is high, the reception is wonderful and above all the collaboration of Alma Mater, the world’s oldest university, satisfies them and helps their development.”

Why do American groups like Silk in Reggio Emilia invest in Emilia Romagna?
“An unparalleled organization that combines knowledge and research, they recognize how a knowledge exists. But other groups are inspired by Italy.”

For example?
“Amazon is building a factory in the Modena area with thousands of jobs. Other groups, which I do not want to mention right now, have big plans for this region.”

Have you visited the industrial centers in the area?
“Of course. Thanks to the region and Confindustria, I met with the Emola Industrial Center with leading companies like Cefla. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, interest.”

And this Are there opportunities in the states for Italian companies?
“They are welcomed with open arms. The market for food items, especially lambrusco, pasta, wine and balsamic vinegar, is huge. Granarolo is implementing an important project.”

What strikes you about the connection between this land and the United States?
“Values ​​and common history. Strong ties formed during World War II. I went to Gothic Line and met the elder Martin Adler, who in 1944 wanted to meet the three children he had saved in Monterrey. These relations with Italy are part of my work.

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