The new 2022 Fiat Panda City Cross, the city car that is geared towards SUV and also suitable for out-of-town

The new 2022 Fiat Panda City Cross, the city car that is geared towards SUV and also suitable for out-of-town

to improve consumption Fiat Panda City Cross 2022, the manufacturer combined the engine with a six-speed gearbox, a novelty for Panda. Thus, the motor is very flexible thanks to the electric assist which also reduces vibrations, especially when restarting.

We are basically in front of someone The city car that goes to SUV It is also suitable outside the city. Maneuverability on the road is good for a small city car despite the age of the floor. Obviously, this panda’s favorite terrain is not the road, but the city. And there it is almost perfect. Its visibility is excellent, as is the turning radius. The driver is well installed, the gear lever is on hand, as is the steering wheel, adjustable in height, but not in depth. So let’s see:

Fiat Panda City Cross 2022 between a city car and an SUV

Fiat Panda City Cross 2022 is 5 centimeters higher than the traditional version of city ​​car. With black plastic protections throughout, like the wheel arches, it also features large front fog lights, squared with rounded corners. This boxy appearance with rounded corners is also the hallmark of this generation of pandas, giving it such an attractive, simple and cheerful appearance.

The LED daytime running lights It is located on the front panel. There is also a look that also features red dual tow hooks at the front, Cross-branded side fenders, 15-inch steel wheels, silver roof rails and body-color mirrors.

The habitability of the five seats is as good in the rear as it is in the front despite its small size, 3.66m in length, 1.66m in width and 1.66m in height. The two-tone seats get central upholstery in an eco-fabric that is made up of at least 37% recycled plastic recovered from the sea or on land. Stitched with brown side seam stitching, accented with faux leather detailing and cross logo.

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The trunk does not suffer from a hybrid system as it maintains a volume of 225 liters and up to 870 with the seats folded.

New engine for Fiat Panda City Cross 2022

Under the hood of the 2022 Fiat Panda City Cross, there’s room for 3 cylinder firefly petrol engine 999cc, 70hp, combined with 12v alternator.

This compact engine has a weight of 77 kg Do not offer true crossbreeding, since it will not be possible to drive in full electric mode. But linked to the electric motor, it increases energy efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30% according to Fiat.

Specifically, the starting alternator recovers energy during braking and deceleration and stores it in an 11 Ah lithium battery located under the driver’s seat. So he uses it to Restarting and servicing the internal combustion engine During acceleration it provides a maximum power of 3.6 kW. The battery charge status is permanently displayed on the instrument panel and a battery is shown during the charging stages.

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