Revenue Agency, checks in bursts: orders have begun for this group of subjects at risk

Revenue Agency, checks in bursts: orders have begun for this group of subjects at risk

Suppression of the “scammers” on duty: the Revenue Agency has started a barrage of letters and there are those who risk too much …

The old saying goes that opportunity makes the thief, and Inland Revenue knows it well. That’s why he started a campaign to take over the last dime. But these are not random checks: The collection body is aimed at a certain group of taxpayers who have benefited from privileges and even very large contributions. Let’s see all the details of the new campaign.

The premise is abuse of law: based on the spontaneous checks done, there are many bogus housing units. (AnsaPhoto –

the new ones The checks will focus on the many taxpayers who applied for the Premium Bonus and gained access to related benefits.. The premise is a misuse of the law: based on the automatic checks made, there are many bogus condominiums, i.e. created shortly before the request for access to the Superbonus, and therefore with purely speculative intent.

Taxpayers are in the sights of the Revenue Agency

If the condominium option is the only possibility to access the Superbonus facility, Some people did not hesitate to divide their property, and to register the documents necessary for the construction of large-scale condominiumsOfficially, at least. It applies to both owners of private villas and real estate owned by companies and is therefore registered to owners of commercial income.

The Revenue Agency verifies that taxpayers benefit from the condominium mega bonus
A tax alarm is triggered when “suspicious” balances enter the filters of its software (AnsaFoto –

like, All new housing units built shortly before the Superbonus order will be subject to rigorous analysis, with reference data that has already made it possible to identify some subjects whose position needs to be fully clarified. After all, the judges have already ended up in the hands of fictitious real estate sales and sales (possibly with relatives of the candidates) conducted with the sole purpose of relying on public contributions. It is enough for the property to be owned by a large number of people to build an official condominium, but only on paper.

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In short, the track has been tracked and the case law is already in place. Revenue sirens are triggered when respective credits enter their software filters. One indicator is enough to make an in-depth examination of each operation executed for the order and get Superbonus. Unfortunately for the “feline”, formal compliance with the law is not a valid justification nor will it be sufficient to avoid unpleasant penalties.

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