The new Opel Rocks-e 2023, the innovative city car that rivals Fiat Topolino and Citroen Ami (and gets even more successful)

The new Opel Rocks-e 2023, the innovative city car that rivals Fiat Topolino and Citroen Ami (and gets even more successful)

Opel Rocks E It is a light ATV designed for urban use, and not a toy, as one might think. He is authorized to drive from the age of 14 with an AM license and is actually a sister variant of the Citroen Ami. A distinctive feature of the Opel Rocs e is the two-tone design on the front and rear, along with the Opel Visor brand, which is the new face of the brand.

The side sills and bodywork highlight the vehicle’s robustness. Both doors on the sides, which are closed with yellow Opel straps from the inside, are identical. The passenger door opens forward as normal, while the driver’s door opens backwards in the opposite direction. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Opel Rocs E 2023, many specifications to amaze
  • So the 2023 Opel Rocks E challenges Fiat Topolino and Citroen Ami

Opel Rocs E 2023, many specifications to amaze

Opel Rocks II is light fuel With dimensions of 241 cm in length, 139 cm in width, 152 cm in height, and a weight of 471 kg. It is mainly aimed at the youth audience who are looking for an agile vehicle for urban travel, offering more comfort than a traditional scooter. And its maneuverability is ensured by 14-inch wheels and a turning radius of just 7.20 metres.

Opel Rocks E It can accommodate two people in two nesting seatsThe front passenger enjoys ample legroom and the driver can adjust his driving position longitudinally. The doors open asymmetrically: the passenger door opens against the wind, while the driver’s door opens in the traditional rear-hinged manner.

According to Opel, the headroom is also sufficient for people over 1.90 meters in height. The car’s cargo capacity is 63 liters of passenger legroom, with a hook for carrying a large shopping bag.

The passenger compartment, though plain and simple, has a display that provides information on speed, drive mode (Drive, Neutral, Reverse), battery charge status, remaining range, and mileage. There is a smartphone holder in the center console and the car is compatible with the services offered by the myOpel app.

A distinctive feature of the Opel Rocks-e is the panoramic glass roof, which is included as standard equipment. Three different equipment lines will be available: Rocks-e, Rocks-e Klub, and Rocks-e TeKno.

So the 2023 Opel Rocks E challenges Fiat Topolino and Citroen Ami

Opel Rocks E Same technical basis as Citroen Ami It offers a range of up to 75 km on the WLTP cycle thanks to its 5.5 kWh battery. The maximum speed reaches 45 km / h. The battery can be fully recharged in about 3.5 hours using a standard household socket. The three-meter charging cable is permanently located in the vehicle and can be retracted from the passenger door when needed. Opel will provide an adapter for charging at public charging stations. the Opel Rocks-e 2023 price 7,000 euros and sales of this type of vehicle testify to the growing success in our region as well.

Looking forward to the new model Fiat TopolinoCitroen Ami is one of the most sought after models with long waiting times. Although its name is reminiscent of the French brand’s iconic car from the 1970s, the new Ami has few connections to the past.

This small, compact and colorful car, It can be paid already from the age of 14 It offers an electric range of about 75 kilometers. Its structure consists of practically identical front and rear parts, while the exterior is made of plastic material covering a metal tube body. Despite its boxy shape, it catches everyone’s attention, especially in the limited edition Buggy, which is available exclusively for online ordering.

Citroen Ami It competes with many other models, a competition that will intensify in the coming years. Example Renault Twizy, which hit the market long before 2011. Twizy has a more austere design and has no doors, with a second seat behind the driver, as if it were a scooter. Aesthetically, it is not striking in its appearance, which is more reminiscent of a lunar exploration rover than an urban minivan.

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