31st National Congress of Anesthesia Safety in Città della Senza in Naples

31st National Congress of Anesthesia Safety in Città della Senza in Naples

The Città della Senza will host in Naples the 3rd National Congress “Safety in Anesthesia” (SIA) on Thursday and Friday 1 and 2 December 2022 organized by the Council of Chiefs of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Campania Region (CPARC), chaired by Dr. Giuseppe Lubrano, Director of the Complex Operations Unit at the Buonconsiglio Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Naples. Two years after the spread of the Covid epidemic, the important scientific appointment returns to the audience with the aim of drawing attention again to safety, which is an essential aspect of the work of the anesthesiologist who follows patients daily in their diagnostic, therapeutic and therapeutic path. surgical. The topic covered by the conference this year is pharmaceutical and technological innovation.

Innovations, which allow the anesthesia and resuscitation system to increase safety levels for both branch operators and the patients entrusted to them. New drugs and new tools are the clear expression of scientific growth. However, growth that does not always go hand in hand with the reality of daily work, as there are still many contradictions. The higher scientific content of the subjects covered also includes schools
Specialization in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Federico II University and the Luigi Vanvitelli University, directed respectively by Prof. Giuseppe Cervelo and Prof. Maria Beatrice Passavanti. Therefore, graduate students from both universities will participate in all conference teaching sessions. The teachers and speakers who will take part in the works will have the task of illustrating and conveying the latest holdings on the topic of safety in the specialty of anesthesiology and intensive care, confident that they will soon find a wide space in the clinical practice of our healthcare structures. The tools and devices shown can be viewed and evaluated in 6 learning rooms prepared for this purpose. As part of an ongoing update in medicine, the two scientific days, which may be attended by anesthesiologists and resuscitators, admissions and emergency physicians, pharmacists and nurses, have been awarded 7.7 CME credits.

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