The mother of a minor convicted of a high school massacre in the United States is on trial for the first time

Jennifer Crumbley He faces an unprecedented trial: he sits in the dock for Manslaughter as a result A shooting committed by his youngest son at a high school in Michigan, United States. The events occurred on November 30, 2021, when Ethan was 15 years old He killed 4 of his colleagues, aged between 14 and 17 years Seven other people, six students and a teacher were injured.

Now the mother is being tried for not preventing this. It is the first time that The shooter's parents are on trial for a high school massacre. Parents are accused Negligence Because he bought the murder weapon from his son when he was fifteen years old, despite his knowledge of this Mental illness.

In fact, his parents bought him the gun as an early Christmas present. The accused, who pleaded not guilty, justified the purchase of the weapon As a precaution he turned against him.

“As a mother, you spend your whole life trying to protect your child from other dangers. You never think that you have to protect your child from hurting someone else. This is what amazed me. The hardest thing I had to face was that my son hurt and killed other people.”

Various witnesses have emerged last week and now A jury consisting of twelve membersand has begun deliberating until a decision is made on one of them Unanimous ruling.

As for the father James CrombleyHe will be tried in March on the same charges. They both fled when they heard they were being accused, but were arrested. now They face up to 15 years in prison.

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Parental neglect

he The boy pleaded guilty For a terrorist crime, four murders, and 19 other charges related to murder. He has already been tried and sentenced Life sentence. The United States is The only country in the world that can sentence minors to life imprisonment.

The parents are accused of not taking action or taking Ethan seriously when he asked them for help because he said he was hallucinating. They would also have ignored the institute's warnings.

Many parents leave with their children after the shooting (Reuters/Eric Sales)

On the same day of the crime, one of the teachers was disturbed by some of the young man’s violent drawings, where a gun was seen and he said, “The thoughts do not stop, help me.” Next to it is another drawing: a bullet with the words “Blood everywhere.”

The center met with the family, who did not mention that the young man was carrying a gun. Two hours later, the boy took the gun out of his bag and committed the crime massacre. During the trial, the mother showed no remorse for her actions:

“I wondered if I would have done anything different. And no, I wouldn't have.”

The moment the mother of the young man’s killer was interrogated (Reuters)

For this one Negative and neglectful attitudeProsecutor says mother deserves to be convicted.

The defense attorney targets the father because he bought the firearm and Ethan himself because he planned the attack himself.

“The crimes committed by my client's son were unexpected. No one expected this, not even Mrs. Crumbley herself. Can every parent really be responsible for everything their children do?”

michigan, Those under the age of 18 are permitted to use firearms Only when hunting, at the shooting range with an adult, and in some other very limited situations.

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She reminded the defense that in this area, where hunting is a common family activity, it is common to take children to the shooting range and justified that what happened to her client “It can happen to anyone”.

If the parents of the minor shooter are ultimately proven criminally guilty, their trial could prove a precedent To help American adults better control their children's access to guns. Only in 2023 was there 82 school shootings in the United States.

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