Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, high-quality headphones on display

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, high-quality headphones on display

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE are entry-level earbuds from Samsung, of high quality and with an excellent price-feature ratio also thanks to Amazon

It is one of the latest devices provided by it Samsung There she is Galaxy FE headphonesthe Fan Edition of the South Korean giant's headphones that features Excellent value for money. In fact, thanks to the high build quality and many advanced earphone functions, the Galaxy Buds FE have an affordable price for many users, and at the moment, they can be purchased at a great price on Amazon With a discount that makes it more attractive than many competing headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE – In-ear headphones – Active noise cancellation and ambient sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: technical data sheet

the Samsung Galaxy FE headphones I am In-ear headphonesThus, the rubber enters the ear. It is light, compact and comfortable even if worn for several hours thanks to the quality of the materials.

As for the design, the presence of lights definitely stands out Wing tipwhich is a kind of elongated fin that allows you to secure the earbuds to the ear, ensuring greater comfort and better stability even if you use the headphones while exercising.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Which, through built-in microphones and algorithms developed by Samsung, eliminates environmental noise. There is also a situation Sound Ocean (Classic Transparency Mode) which allows you to perceive ambient sounds even without removing your headphones.

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Another interesting feature is full compatibility withBixby voice assistantwhich allows you to manage the device using voice commands if you have a Samsung smartphone.

By connecting the headphones to a compatible smartphone (via Bluetooth 5.2) You can manage all the functions provided via the application Galaxy wearables. From the application you can also use Lost job To help the owner find the earbuds and send all necessary contact information for the return to whoever finds (and uses) them. Moreover, by moving out of Bluetooth range, the headphones will send a notification to the user's smartphone, to avoid forgetting them at home.

Samsung headphones also haveTouching the sensitive area, which can be used, for example, to forward a song, play or pause a song, or answer and end a call. There too Proximity sensor Which detects when the earphone is moved away from the ear and pauses the playback content.

to'independence Advertised is 8.5 hours of listening time with the earbuds alone, which also rises to 30 hours using the charging case (keeping the ANC feature disabled). However, with active noise cancellation, this drops to 6 hours for the headphones and 21 hours with the additional charge of the case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: View on Amazon

the Samsung Galaxy FE headphones They are the most affordable earbuds in Samsung's range, and are the perfect solution for those who spend long hours away from home and need a high-quality device but don't want to spend a lot.

The list price is 109 euros, which is not much if we take into account the many functions available and the quality (and warranty) that Samsung offers. In any case, with the offer Amazon Currently underway, the price drops to 69.99 euros (-36%, -39.01 euros) And the quality-to-price ratio of the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE becomes higher.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE – In-ear headphones – Active noise cancellation and ambient sound

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