Overwhelming drought phase

Overwhelming drought phase

The Sao Swamp, as seen from a drone, is a testament to the ravages of drought.
ACN/Jordi Porras

In Catalonia, the painful phase of the current drought has begun. In Andalusia it will start in a few weeks. And in the Segura Basin throughout next spring. The stage I colloquially call “mayday” is when you rely exclusively on rain. The rainfall regime in recent months in these regions is changing radically. Let it begin to rain unusually for several weeks of the winter and spring. Because if this is not the case, the measures to restrict water spending, both agricultural and urban, will fall in succession… And summer will come, which is an essential season for our economy (agriculture and tourism) and if the rain regime is like so far, the economic damage will be great, and the loss of image In tourist destinations that have to cut off water it could be fatal in the future. For me, this stage of anxiety worries me about the effects that users will suffer. But it also makes me angry because it shows the neglect of politics in solving important problems for society. We are all paying the price for this inaction in the actions that should have been taken these years. Then we vote for them as good citizens. But they don't deserve it. Leaving a community without water is the worst legacy politics can leave in a region. We can get used to other waste, but we can never run out of water. This is what will unfortunately happen in the coming months. Medium-range forecast models (NOAA, ECMWF, AEMET) are not at all optimistic about precipitation in the Mediterranean region of our country until autumn. In this case, we'll pray they're wrong. But these seasonal forecasts are becoming more accurate. Now we will realize what it means to leave a country without a national water planner that plans for this resource at least until the middle of this century, taking into account the changes that climate change imposes on rainfall.

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