The most awaited news for the iPhone also includes WhatsApp: what is it

The most awaited news for the iPhone also includes WhatsApp: what is it

There are many new features being added year after year to iPhones, and the latest one also includes WhatsApp, so let's see what it's all about.

On September 18th specifically, apple Released a new one system update to iPhonethe 17. Since then, many others have arrived – to improve some bugs – to the point that version 17.3 has been reached, which is able to do something about it WhatsApp So other smartphones are not enabled yet.

What's new in WhatsApp for iPhone – Credit ANSA –

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg's social network, which is constantly evolving, has also brought some innovations to the way users can use the world-famous messaging app. For example, this has become possible recently Share your device screen in a video call – which was already possible for some time on the iPhone and therefore on FaceTime – but now, only for owners of “Apple phones” (for now) there too Three new text formats to which it is added wide, Diagonal, to cross out And Monospace.

The first is inserted by addition star (*) at the beginning of what you want in bold and at the end for the second Underscore (_) for the third grade Wavy lines () And for the last Three serious accents before and three after)“”).

What are the new text formats for WhatsApp available on iOS and how to do them

the Three new text formats Available on iOS for WhatsApp are, specifically, Code blocks, quotes and lists, numbered and Bets. But how is it done?

How to do it and what are the new text formats for WhatsApp on iOS –

Let's start with the last two. To be able to do a Bulleted listYou can also read on the messaging app's website. Simply enter an asterisk or a simple hyphen and a space before the word or phrase you want to insert, and then you will do so: * word or – wordAnd wrap it in the same way.

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For the numbered listInstead, you must add a number, a period, and a space before each line of text (the first word). there the quote This is done by adding a greater than symbol and a space before the text, thus: > word. Finally, for inline code, or blocks of code, it is necessary to insert a serious accent on both sides of the message, like this: “word”.

If everything is clear, It would be easy to get some chaMaybe even for work, certainly tidier and more convenient to find.

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