Learn the story of “La Battaglia delle Arance”: the Italian Carnival

Learn the story of “La Battaglia delle Arance”: the Italian Carnival

Carnival celebrations around the world: “Battaglia delle Arance”lastampa.it

Battle of the orangesknown in Italian as “Battle of the Oranges” that it A traditional celebration held in the Italian city of Ivrea, in the Piedmont region. This colorful and lively event takes place during the Ivrea Carnival and is distinguished by its uniqueness and fascinating history.

“Battle of the Oranges” It originated as a reinterpretation of A Medieval legend Its history dates back to the time of the feudal tyrant Rainier de Piandrat. According to legend, The tyrant wanted to abuse the right to spend the night with the girls of the city on their wedding night. but, One of those virginsVioletta rebelled against this injustice and He cut off the tyrant's head. This sparked a A popular revolution and liberate the city from injustice.

The “Battaglia delle Arance” commemorates this revolution and the liberation of the city. The main event happens On Monday, the carnival consists of a huge orange war between the participants divided into teams. This “battle” takes place in the streets of Ivrea, where locals and visitors become “orange throwers.”

Battle of the oranges

Participants are divided into teams and They are placed on covered carts to protect themselves from oranges thrown by other participants. Oranges are thrown with power and skill, recreating the era of revolution against a tyrant in the Middle Ages.

The Battle of the Oranges began as a local celebration, but has gained popularity nationally international. It attracts tourists and visitors who want to participate in this unique experience and pulsate with the energy of the Ivrea Carnival.

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In addition to the Battle of the Oranges, the Ivrea Carnival offers other events and celebrations that complement this main celebration. Parades, traditional costumes, music and local foods are part of this festivalCreating a festive and joyful atmosphere that captivates all those present.

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