Do you want to block websites for some family members? Here is the procedure to follow

Do you want to block websites for some family members?  Here is the procedure to follow

The procedure to be followed to apply a filter to the use of certain websites by minors

Procedures for blocking certain websites –

Gods application Filters for home calling To prevent minors in particular from visiting websites whose contents are intended to do so For adults only, It is essential for their safety and proper growth. Blocking some websites is much easier than you might think, especially for those who use… Windows operating system.

Locking systems for Windows users

There are effective systems Free parental controls, is already integrated into the operating system through which inappropriate content can be blocked. Just press the button Begins located at the bottom of the taskbar and select the gear icon through which you activate the settings.

Once the respective menu is displayed in the new window, you will need to click on the “Account” item located in the menu on the left. Once done, click on the Family/Family & other users icon and then “Add Member” to add an account to your family group.

All we have to do is enter our Microsoft account password and then click the Sign in and Continue buttons. We must now point out which accounts are Microsoft Of the users to whom the parental control filtering system should be applied by entering the corresponding email address.

Website blocking procedures for Windows and Mac users –

The procedure continues by clicking on the “Next” button, then on the member item we click on the “Invite” button. If the user we want to block does not have an associated Microsoft account, we go to the “Create account” option and the child completes the “Filter” procedure. In any case, the Windows guide will be a providence if we have any doubts or doubts.

Once the respective action is completed, the User will receive an email to his/her indicated email address. All you have to do is accept the invitation and join the family group. Once you have completed this procedure, you can start applying all the required restrictions on the contents that we want to block, by connecting to the site Microsoft Family Safety.

Simply locate the child's account and click the icon. Then we choose the “Go to overview” option from the menu. The menu will open edge Where we will have to click on the lever corresponding to the option to filter inappropriate searches and websites. To activate it, select On.

Once this procedure is done correctly, the minor will not be able to access all these adult websites. If we want to block only certain sites, we can add relevant addresses to them Blocked sites and lists of allowed sites. However, you should know that you cannot block or apply filters if the account you want to block belongs to a system administrator.

How to apply restrictions to Mac users

Users too Mac They can apply a filtering function to prevent minors from accessing inappropriate sites. You need to click on the bitten apple icon at the top right of the desktop, then you need to select “System Settings” from the contextual menu that will open.

You must then configure the family group correctly by selecting your account from the sidebar, and then clicking on the “In Family” item. Once this is done, go to “Family Setup” or “Add Member” if this is the first time we are using this function.

At this point, there's nothing left to do but invite a user via apple idOr create a new ID for the user to whom we want to apply restrictions. Once this step is completed we must click on the item “Time of use“In the menu on the left. We must then apply restrictions to the phrase 'Family member' and then configure 'Screen time' for the minor. In this option we can apply those restrictions that we intend to implement.

Then we follow this path: System Settings > Screen Time and select the user from the list of family members. Let's now click on the “Contents & Privacy” item and move the lever to “On” in the “Contents & Privacy” option. Now select the “Web Content” section and select the “Restrict adult websites” option. We can also indicate a very specific list of sites that we want to make inaccessible.

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