The month of Ramadan 2023 begins: times, prohibitions and modalities of one of the most important Islamic memories

The month of Ramadan 2023 begins: times, prohibitions and modalities of one of the most important Islamic memories

“tomorrow hopefully month begins RamadanMy favorite month in which each year brings joy, good news, health, serenity and above all a clear approach to religion »: with these wordsinfluencers Maryam AliShe smiles radiantly and reminds her followers of the return of the holy month of fasting, devoted to prayer, meditation and discipline. The appointment, each year, corresponds to the ninth month of Islamic calendar. In fact, tradition says that this is the month in which it took place The QuranCopying the words of God that the Messenger heard Mohammedduring Archangel Gabriel (Gabriel), during a retreat on Mount Hira (c. 610 AD). The teachings of the sacred text of Islam, in Italy, are followed by approx 2.7 million of people, between foreign nationals and Italians.

Societies and taboos

community of believers more nourishing In our country it is Moroccan (410,106 people). It is followed by an Albanian (189,715), a Bengali (118,060), a Pakistani (115,528) and an Egyptian (110,161). Added to these are Senegal, Tunisia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Gambia. the fast within a month Ramadan constitutes one of the Five pillars Islam, or rather the five basic obligations that religious law provides for every believer. The other four consist of certificate of faith (Certificate), In prayer (prayers), In the alms (charity) it is in Pilgrimage (Pilgrimage). All adult and healthy Muslims are required to fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan. To get the energy needed to face the whole day, a light meal is taken before sunrise (Suhoor).

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the date

However, at the end of the day, you can have a small evening meal (the breakfast), after one a prayer which breaks the fast until the next morning. Following strict traditions, one must eat a date, as he did Prophet. Alternatively, you can drink a glass of water. During the same period, it is forbidden not only to eat, but also to drink, smoke and have sex. As well as lying, foul language and waging war. Believers, through their obedience to divine precepts, learn in this period to keep bodily desires in check: the spiritual meaning of the remembrance is linked to the overcoming of human nature.


Only children, sick people, pregnant women and those who have to make long journeys in the ninth month are exempted from these obligations. On the other hand, those who are called to respect the fast, but are able to do so, have two options for their treatment: to restore fasting during the year, before the next month of Ramadan, or to provide a meal for a poor person. Someone who skips every fasting day. On the other hand, voluntarily violating certain rules, in addition to again indicating the obligation of charity towards the needy, necessitates the option to continue abstaining from physical prohibitions from sunrise to sunset for another 60 days after Ramadan.

Dates and times

Ramadan does not always fall at the same time of the solar year (and thus in the same season): the Islamic calendar is in fact based on the movement of the moon, begins on July 16, 622 of the Julian calendar (in which the hijrah was accomplished by Muhammad), and consists of 354 or 355 days. This year, for example, it started yesterday evening, March 22nd, while in 2022 it started on April 2nd. However, the duration is always the same: 30 days, which marks the end of the anniversary at sunset on Saturday, April 22, 2023. On the evening of the 27th of the month, The Night of Destiny (Laylat al-Qadr): On that date, in fact, according to the believers Mohammed (570-632 AD) Received the Holy Revelation The Quran.

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The call of the muezzin

The call of the muezzin who sets prayer times five times a day is not heard in non-Muslim countries. For this reason, in Italy, to know the times and moments of prayer you can visit the site Azan player. Added to the five daily prayers, a special prayer, Tarawih, and night prayer. At the end of the holy month of Ramadan is called a festival Eid al-Fitr (that by saying)EidWhich in Arabic means “the party”. mushroomsThe End of Fasting). It usually lasts three days. It is inaugurated with the morning prayer before dawn. Ed features banquets with friends and family, as well as exchanges of gifts and offerings for the poor.

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