The Democratic Unionist Party has ended a two-year stalemate in Northern Ireland

The Democratic Unionist Party has ended a two-year stalemate in Northern Ireland

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The political vacuum in Northern Ireland It's almost over. This morning, Democratic Unionist Party The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has given the green light for a deal that could open up Irish politics after two years. president ourselves, Mary Lou McDonaldHe claimed that the Republican formation had the most votes in the last elections, and therefore should lead the next coalition government, an unprecedented fact so far. “It will be a moment of great importance” in Northern Ireland's history, he said. Despite the optimism, the agreement between the DUP and Westminster has not yet been ratified.

The Unionists' Charter arrives surrounded by controversy, with mobilization by the most radical sectors of the party who view ceding government leadership to the Republicans as a betrayal. According to what the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party said. Jeffrey DonaldsonThis is the result of the agreement, controls and procedures between the company’s clients Counting unit In Northern Ireland in consumer goods operations.

Saturday marks two years since the DUP decided to dissolve the government and disrupt politics in Northern Ireland, in protest against customs controls as a result of Brexit.

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