After the Brussels attack, the alleged accomplice of the terrorist Abdel Salam Al-Aswad was arrested: who is he?

After the Brussels attack, the alleged accomplice of the terrorist Abdel Salam Al-Aswad was arrested: who is he?

afterAttack in Brussels On October 16, Belgian intelligence conducted a search for Hayat The terrorist Abdel Salam Al-Aswad. After 10 days of that night of fear and blood, investigations led to…Arrest From a man: it is about To the glory of K.44 years old, Tunisian.

An alleged accomplice of a Brussels terrorist was arrested

Only the first letter of the man’s last name was revealed. The precautionary measure has been validated because Belgian police believe that Majd K “Related to the weapon used during the attack”.

Hanging over his head is a hypothesis.”Murder and attempted murder in Terrorist context And participation in the activities of a terrorist organization.”

Citizens place flowers at the site where the two Swedish fans were killed in Brussels.

The 44-year-old Tunisian was stopped on Wednesday, October 25, during a series of searches carried out by Belgian police in Tongeren and Tervuren. Now his arrest has been verified.

Two suspected terrorists arrested in France

Investigation into the attack on October 16 that led to the death of two Swedish citizens across the Belgian border: again on Wednesday 25 Prosecutor’s Office Paris he have Two men accused of terrorist links And complicity in the killing of the Swedes. The two were placed in pretrial detention.

Returning to Majd K., investigations into his story could provide answers to some of the questions that the authorities asked themselves immediately after the attack: Who provided the attacker, Abu Salam Al-Aswad, with weapons?

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Was the lion attack isolated or did it also happen? Other individuals Who got their supplies from the same arms dealer and who are now ready to strike?

Jihadist attacks after the outbreak of war

The attack in Brussels is only the latest event in a series of bloodshed that occurred immediately after the outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel.

Following the Hamas attack, an Egyptian policeman pulled out his gun and opened fire on a group of Israeli tourists in the Alexandria Archaeological Park in Egypt.

Three days before the Brussels attack… in France A former student of Arras High School One of his old teachers was murdered Chanting “God is great.” The attacker has already been reported as an individual at risk of radicalization.

Abu Salam Al-Aswad, the Brussels killer, was already known to police in half of Europe (and beyond): he had been in prison for ordinary crimes in Tunisia, then registered in Italy, Norway and Sweden.

the 007 Italians They sent AInformation for Belgian colleagues To report the man’s danger, but the report had no effect.

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