Basketball, World Cup qualifiers: Italy finds its soul in Bologna: beat Iceland 95-87

Basketball, World Cup qualifiers: Italy finds its soul in Bologna: beat Iceland 95-87
home Sweet Home. It really has to be said. After the victory over the Netherlands in late November in the ForumItalbasket also defends the parquet from PalaDozza e Partially rearranges the order Paralyzed by foreign knockouts in Russia and Iceland. Certainly, the 2-2 It’s a bitter record, but at least reclaiming second place is worth it and, above all, half a mortgage on passing into the Group Two stage, with an adjacent crossover with Group G. Because what seemed almost obvious on the last night of this qualifier turned instead To a great conquest with sweat and exhaustion in the field.
The Azure had three days to find mods After a double defeat in extra time in Hafnarfjord. Martin Hermanson, the player with the highest international level, does not stray from the bench. Thus, attention can be focused almost entirely on the giant Tryggvi HlinasonDominates the first leg with 34 points and 21 rebounds. The Icelandic Center will close at 14 + 8honest numbers but far from the irrepressible number three days ago. Pick’n’roll Defense Works. especially Defense work by Paul Pelegaa true critical totem in the middle with a series of basic lessons of pure Messinian style.


Saketi: “The knockout in Iceland was canceled, but the results were negative”

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The real battle is over on the ocean. Italy loses instantly Stefano Tonot Due to injury, he agrees to play Open face and high speed. Unleashed Coach Mio Saketti five-light repetition. Only one center turn and four outside, with Nicolas Aquile braking for just 10 minutes and Rafael Gaspardo sitting for a full 40. It is played with pure little ball, running and early attack, with great use of heavy shooting. The first quarter is pure photography (27-28 for guests). But the impression is clear: the first team that can add a minimum defensive quality is destined to win the game. And this team is Italy.

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Joins the work of Biligha Greater defensive consistency for outsiders. Without Hermansson bringing quality and order, the Icelandic game was derailed and became feverish. The turnout is piling up, okay 19 in the end. Excessive use of archery (11/32). Icelanders stay in touch as long as they have star brilliance Elvar Fredrickson (30 with shooting 10/19) and exploitation John Axel Gudmundsson (16), he has not been able to express himself with the same effectiveness and personality in his months with the Fortitudo Bologna shirt.

Italy builds a small break in the second quarter for the +8 of the long period (53-45), and multiplies with flash 8-0 at the start of the second half. The +16 It is convenient, the result of an attack capable of exploiting the (many) weaknesses of a defense that is very open to shooters. Triple with a shiny one 14/28 (50%). Amedeo Della Valle It is irrepressible. Total MVP. shoot 26 points 4 times It adds an unusual ability to move to the bezel position (12/13). A sarcastic and subtle strain. Ready to arrive at the most important moments of the game. Nico Manion He is his robin. He starts very strong and also closes (16 with a 6/9) shot. Michel Vitale The guy is all around, great on defense and almost infallible when he puts his feet over the arc (17 with 4/6). Diego Vlacadore, which has been returned to the place of Matteo Imbrò, is the right choice. Immediately aggressive and energetic, ready to vent a great hunger to go out and win over parquet.

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But Iceland does not bow its head. exactly the contrary. clinging more and more to his old warriors, Takes the game to the extreme With the songs of Pavel Ermolinskij from the tactical center (6 points, 9 rebounds but also 10 assists!) And he went up twice in the second half. Italy absorbs the first spurt, and brings it back again -19 With another shipment from Della Valle. But again, when it seems to be able to close on the podium, here comes a new Nordic shoulder. Iceland enters again until -8keeping the end hanging, but he no longer had the strength or time to climb any further.

Pending the restoration of the match between Russia and the Netherlands (postponed due to the conflict in Ukraine) which will determine the standings four days later, Italbasket will return to the field in July in the third and final window of the first stage. The July 1 will host Russia Leader and still undefeated (3-0), while July 4 will be away in Dutch.

Italy – Iceland 95-87

  • Italia: Mannion 16, Pajola 6, Tonut 5, Vitali 17, Tessitori 8; Biligha 6, Della Valle 26, Flaccadori 4, Akele 3, Alviti 4, Spanish. Ni: Gaspardo. Coach: Saketi.
  • Iceland: Fredrickson 30, Gudmundsson 16, Steinarsson 8, Ermolinksig 6, Helinson 14; Björnson, Johnson 8, Olafsson 3, Thorbjarnarsson, Thorstenson 2. Ni: Palson, Hermannsson. Coach: Berderson.

The arrangement of group H.

1. Russia 3 0
2. Italia 2 2
3. Iceland 2 2
4. Holland 0 3


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